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WELCOME TO MENFRANCO GENERAL BLOG. Today we will be posting posts that talk about Australian issues, Italian issues, USA and world political issues, and other things. 

These days Italy has many problems, not only they have been hit harder from the corona virus than other countries, now they have political problems to solve. But let us look at today news.  

Welcome to our blog, World news and the Italian politics, Feb. 21. 

Dear readers, this time we are writing only a short blog, because we want to continue our diary, and check out a few things that we have written about in our last blog. You see, in our last blog we have written about three main things: We wrote about the COVID19, so, we want to check out its progress; we wrote about the American presidents and their arguments, and we wrote about that the Italian prime minister Giuseppe Conte that has resigned and they are now trying to form another government, with Conte as prime minister, or with somebody else.

Anyhow, what we can tell you today is that the COVID19 continues, in the USA last fortnight has gone up considerable; from 26,300,000 positive and 445,000 deaths to 29,000,000 and 500,000 deaths. Anyhow, it goes up and down in different places, but the other countries that need mentioning here is the U K with 118,000 deaths and Italy with over 94,000 deaths. As I have said, it goes up and down in different places, even though they have started vaccinating everywhere; and this is all we want to say about the corona virus pandemic. 

The new President Joe Biden is a lot quieter than President Trump, but he seems to know what he is doing, so far. 

Now, about the American presidents, they have changed in the middle of so much fuss. And just as I was saying, the democratic wanted President Donald Trump impeached, but they have failed, so, Trump is no longer being impeached, and other things are slowly going down. Anyhow, let us hope that Joe Biden has enough energy to run America the right way, since this influences the rest of the world. Now let us look at the Italian government crisis.


Forming a new government in Italy.

Today I have started writing this article, it is the 16th of February 2021. Now after the failure of the Italian parliament to form a new government for a second time under Giuseppe Conte leadership as prime minister is lost. The Italian president Sergio Mattarella, appointed Mario Draghi as a possible new prime minister. So, Mario Draghi has consulted with the other political leaders, and has been able to find enough followers to form a new Government; so, a new government is being sworn in soon.  

Anyhow, I have noted that in politics everything can change quickly. But who is going to be this this new prime minister Mario Draghi? From what they say, he seems to be a well-known person throughout the world, so, there are high expectations. 

For what I know, Mario Draghi is a top economist, and perhaps this is what Italy needs. But is that going to be enough to solve most of the problems that they are facing in Italy today, this nobody knows. 

The new prime minister of Italy, Mario Draghi, he is a very clever man, let us hope that he can lead Italy well. 

Anyhow, the new government has been sworn in, now they are voting to check if there is enough support for this new government, then they can start debating what needs to be done.

The new prime minister Mario Draghi has pointed out what he wants to do, so new laws need to be discussed and approved, but that is happening in the future. Meanwhile we must wait and see.



When you think what else can go wrong in the world today? Suddenly something else hits you hard, and you know that there are many more problems in the world.

Today the 23rd of February 2021, I was watching the Italian news hoping that they had progressed politically to a better stage, since, they have a new government with Mario Draghi as prime minister. So, they could look at how to finance whatever needs to be financed in Italy, to get Italy working again, and to control the corona virus. Instead, what hit me is this shocking news about the Italian ambassador and an Italian carabiniere (police guard) killed in the republic of Congo. Today is seems to me that there is always bad news around the corner, and while you hope for the best, something else hits you hard.

Anyhow, now we must wait and see to know what really happened over there.      

Anyhow, this is all what I know today, I may continue this blog or diary if I think it is necessary, or I will start another one later.  


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