An old man life story 18

An old man life story

Let me welcome you to my page 18: An old man life story;
Introduction to: An old man life story including the duty of any man

An old man life story

In the old times our grandma used to tell us children stories, they did not read the story from a book as it is done these days; but they new by heart a few stories that were very handy to tell the children to keep them interested and quiet.
This is a modern cradle, but when I was young and the place where I come from, cradles were a lot simpler, as long as they were large enough safe enough and could be rocked; and a mother was there to sing and rock it.

An old man life story
Let me tell you a story and transport you to another place and to another time, at the time when I was a young kid and my mother or my grandma in the evening would tell me a story just to keep me happy and go to bed and sleep.
Oh my god! What did I say? Tell you fairy tales that the elders of my time were telling me when I was a young kid; no, sorry my dear readers I have made a mistake and I apologize, because you see today I don’t remember much about those stories that the elders of my time were telling me, even though those stories seemed very interesting to us kids then; here I need to tell you that in those times mothers and grandmothers had always a story to tell the kids, it was the only way to keep us kids quiet as there was no TV and most time not even a radio for miles, the only news in those times were in the newspapers, if one could borrow it from somebody that could afford to buy it, the rest of the news were the local news that the people of the town would tell each other, so that they would know what was happening around them, so people would pass them around by word of mouth. Anyhow the stories that these old ladies would tell us were as good as any other story, and if the famous Brothers Grimm had known them they would have written them in their stories book. The Annotated Brothers Grimm : Jacob Grimm, Wilhelm Grimm
Now that I happen to be talking about the mothers and grandmothers of those times, I would like to add how they worked hard to keep kids quiet in those times, we will come to talk about my life story soon, as soon as I finish telling you this old fact of life; because here I would like to add something else that today does not happen anymore in the western world, I am saying the western world because what these old ladies were doing then might still be done in very backward countries today one can never know; I can just imagine that there might still be a few places where progress as not taken place, and therefore people are still using those skills that their forbears have used for centuries or even thousands of years.  
Anyhow let me describe to you what these old ladies did to put a child to sleep, they would take the child in their arms sit on a sturdy chair and sing a lullaby while they were rocking the chair until the child would go to sleep, or do the same thing by putting the child in a rocking cradle and rock the cradle and sing a lullaby, those times were harder than today for young mothers as you can see for yourself, they had to rely or their skills that they had picked up from their elders. 
Today singing lullaby is gone out of fashion, perhaps it is because there is so much music songs and everything else around us, so, singing lullaby is out of fashion, and for this reason you cannot hear any mother singing their lullaby to their child in any town, I guess that even in the country outside towns they don’t sing anymore, it is the sign of the time people are not born singers, those young mothers were singing then because they had to, it was their job to keep their children quiet even if their singing was out of tune as long as their child was satisfied. You see children are attention seeker and they were happy as long as they knew that there was somebody looking after them, and to hear their mother singing to them and rocking them would satisfy them and fall asleep.
My life story
Anyhow, I was saying that the old ladies were telling us stories when we were kids; I apologize for not being able to tell you any of those stories that my mother and my grandmother were telling me, they were good stories for us kids, since we kids would hear them many times and still we were interested in them; today I have forgotten most of these stories, therefore I am not able to tell you any of them. But anyhow this is not the real reason why I am writing this article; because what I would like to write here is this; I am going to tell you the story of my life. I know that now you are thinking, what is wrong with me why should I tell you the story of my whole life? Well it is just because I cannot tell you a fairy tale, because today people don’t believe anymore in fairies or fairy tales, and really, I don’t remember most of the tales that I have been told when I was young, so I could not tell you much of a story; therefore I am going to tell you the story of my life, because that is the only story that I know better than anybody else.
Now that I have decided to tell you my whole life story, starting with this hub called, (An old man life story), which is going to be also the name of my story writings, I have also to say that there are other issues that have prompt to write my life story, the main issues are written hereunder.
Firstly, I would like to tell you dear readers that I would like to use this story of my life, in order to compare the ways of living between these days and the old time ways; since I believe that in order to tell a story and make sense to the listener or readers there should also be a purpose for it, so, if we try to compare this old life story to today ways of living, then it may make this story more interesting for everybody.
Having said that, now I wonder what it would be like if one could go back in time like in time travel fictions, how nowadays ways of living would have affected the older generations. You see, generally speaking in the old days normally time seemed to stand still and very little changes would happen, and if anything did happen it would happen very slowly, except when there were wars or some other violent happenings, like earthquake or diseases that could kill lots of people around; whereas today everything changes very fast even when there are no wars, earthquake or disease; therefore what could be said that is new today, in a few days may be said to be old. I hope you see what I mean?
Secondly, I am going to tell you about why I feel that I have to write this story, and why I believe I have to write it. You see, I feel that every human being has a story to tell, and anyone of us could tell our own story if we attach enough importance to the story that we want to tell. So, to me it happens that I believe that by telling you my life story, not only I become satisfied that I have written my own life story, but I would also feel that I am doing humanity a good service, because something can be learned from my life story. I believe that it is the life duty of any man to try to improve anything if one can, so, let me explain the way I feel about what could or would be the duty of any man here under.

The Duty of any Man

There are reasons to believe that in order for mankind to work in a positive way, a man should do his duty willingly; we believe that a man has got to do what a man has got to do, because this would be his life duty, if he wants to be counted as a good hardworking man.   
So, let us start from the beginning of our lives and use first of all our own lives observations to decide what is the duty of any human being; we have reasons to believe that when a man (or woman) is born, they receive their gift of life from God and/or Mother Nature or whatever one believes there is that makes life possible on earth. Of course all this is and would be achieved through and from their parents, who would be guided from their natural instinct to do what they have to do to bring on a new life, as we all know this is the only way for life to reproduce itself and continue indefinitely.
For life to evolve and become better, it is important that we all do our best, so we should be very careful what we do during our lives; therefore, this gift of life that we have received from God, Mother Nature or whatever we believe our lives come from, we have to be very careful with it and we should endeavour to guard our lives dearly during our own lives, with all our inner will and physical strength, because our lives is a very special gift that we have received from God.
There are reasons to believe that every one of us have our own ways of seeing this gift of life in different ways, but for those who believe in God have an extra special meaning, since God is the life giver of all existing life on earth. Therefore, the life duty of a man even in the eyes of God is that a man must try to live his own life as well as he could, or at least as good as his parents have done before him, and if he can he must try to improve the standard of life he has received from them. Now if there are any improvement that he has made during his life, they should be passed onto his children, so that the next coming generation that will come through him and from him will have a better standard of life that he has had during his life, since he has been able to improve that standard of life that he has received himself, so let any man come forward and say what he has to say about his beliefs or improvements that he could contribute to humanity.
Now that I have described above what I think the life duty of any man could or would be, and of course believing every word that I have said above, there could be no way that I could or would avoid to do my duty for the improvement of future generations. Of course by doing my duty as we have said above, not only I have achieved something good for the community at large, and therefore I would feel that my life has been worthwhile living, because I have done something worthwhile during my life; otherwise I would feel that life has passed me by and I have not done anything important, or contributed anything at all for the improvement of humanity and the future generations. For this reason I believe that our life learning should be passed on whenever possible, by using whatever is available to achieve that.  

Our life learning should be passed on
Therefore our duty as human beings is that we have to pass on what we have learned from life, for the betterment of future generations; now that I have said what the life duty of any man is, I have to start thinking what I could and should do to contribute to it; in order to achieve our own goal and do our own duty as a man and contribute our share, so that, we could improve what we have received from life and what we have learned during our own life, I believe that we need to make a record of our lives experience overall, and then perhaps we should try to see which way they could be used better.
In my case I believe that one of the best ways to achieve that is that I could write my own life story, in my life story I would try to say what the previous generation have taught me, and then, what I have learned myself during my life, and thus by writing my life story I would be passing on my knowledge for the benefit of future generations. You see, this is just another reason for writing, an old man life story as I intend to do already and then publish it in Hub Pages, I need also to write most of my life observation down and any other life experiences in such a way that they could be understood and would make sense to whosoever might read them.
In my life story I know already that some of my life happenings and observation would or could be felt a bit strange sometimes, especially those observations that have something to do with my psychological way of imaginary love life and other things of that nature, therefore I am warning my readers not to give too much weight to those observation whenever they come across and read them, if they don’t agree with them or they don’t understand them fully; you see, every one of us is different, so, we perceive those psychological things in a different way. I know also that some of my other life experiences and my life observations that I am going to write here or later on might seem a bit strange to some reader; but what can I do if life sometimes is a bit strange? I can do nothing about it, except to tell you the way it is and the way that I see it.
Anyhow, if I have to do my duty in order to improve what I have received from life, I am going to tell you my own life experiences to start with, even if they are going to be boring and seem strange at times, as I am sure that they are going to seem strange every now and then, so much so that one would think that they may be like a metamorphose. But, because a man has got to do what a man has got to do I am going and wanting to do it anyhow; so may God help me achieve that!
Anyhow now, let us go back to my resolve that I am/was going to write in my hub about, An old man life story, but then, at the same time I think that I might have said enough in this hub and therefore I will be starting to tell my story of an old man life story in my next hub that perhaps I could call, A man life journey, just because I need to give every hub a new name. See you soon my dear readers in my next article of my life story.


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