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A man life journey

Welcome to our page 19, a man life journey 

A man life journey

The art of story telling is one of those things that makes us wonder, how some people can be so good at telling you a story that the listener feels as if they see that event in front of their eyes. 

A man life journey

Dear readers, this hub is the continuation of our last hub called; ‘An old man life story’, but we had to change its name because every article needs to have a title of its own; having done that now let me welcome you to this hub called a man life journey; ‘a man life journey’ is going to be the story of my life, so you are all invited to read our articles as we have said before and you can browse these articles as long as you like.
We believe that we can tell you a story, because every one of us has a story to tell, we are not the only one, so we hope that our life story would be interesting enough for our readers. You see even very simple stories sometimes could be interesting enough to hear. These are a couple of links that I found on the Internet to check them out;  
Here I may have some concerns because, as we have said already we are writing our own life story, now, because real life stories are usually boring, we hope that somehow we would be able to interest you without boring you too much, because I am going to write my own life story just the way that I have lived it starting from when I was very young. Therefore I hope that I would be able to write my life story clear enough for my readers to understand it easily, you see, today there is a great difference in life style, therefore it would be easy to misunderstand the situation, for this reason we need a good description that is able to highlight the difference between how life was then and how life is now; here I should add that this is very important to note for comparison sake, if one would like to note between nowadays life style and the old time life style, anyhow let us start telling you what we are going to tell you in my real life story.
Now this is my life story; so, to keep my life story in a chronological order somehow I have to start from the time that I was born, which will be written in this same article here, under the name the story of my life; but at this point of time, let us talk about how I plan to write my entire life story; you see, at this point of time I plan to write my life story in two parts, one part is going to be mainly about my young life in our family farm in Southern Italy and all those things that were happening in those times in the farm and also in my native town of Genzano di Lucania, which is the town where I was born and our farm was, of course I am also going to tell you the story of my native town, because history is important to know; the second part is going to be about my life story in Australia, since I migrated to Australia in my early twenties, and I have lived in Australia ever since. 
This second part of my life story will be dealing with lots of things and it will include several articles about building and how DIY brickwork, masonry etc. Since I ended up working in the building industry in Brisbane Australia, here I will be telling you the great differences that I found between the old continent and Australia for a start; and then I will describe how many building things were done in those times when I came to Australia and perhaps how these things have progressed and how I progressed and became a bricklayer during the time that I have been working in Australia, and I have been working as a bricklayer most of my life; and when I was not bricklaying I was doing some other building work as well. 
But now let us go back to the beginning to tell you my life story.
Beginning my life story
Anyhow, let us start from the beginning to tell my life story, so, this is the story of a simple man life journey, and I would like to point out that this hub is only the beginning of an old man life story and there will be several hubs about this story; for this reason I am asking myself which is the best way to write my life story, so that I could interest you to take a trip in the past with me, in the hope that I would be able to show you something that would interest you and you would accompany me happily in my life story journey.
You see, I would like to tell you my own life story for many reasons; because today I would say that I have reached a certain age that makes me an old man, so I wonder what could I show to my readers about my own life story that would make my life story interesting enough to read. Of course I could tell you easily about what my life is like today, which I can say that is not that exciting at all, because of some unfortunate happenings and illness in the family that seems to worry me so much these days; you see, to tell you the truth I am sorry to say that I happen to live with family members that are sick and require lots of attention, because this is not what you readers would like to hear, since telling sad story would only bring sadness to who hears the story; so, it would be better to go back to tell you my life story from the beginning just as it happened in the past with some happy and some not so happy happenings, I suppose it might be better for everybody, if I tell my life story this way.
Now, even though in my life story I have to say that I was struggling most times during my early life, so, it might not be a very happy story to hear for entertainment sake, at the same time I hope that my whole life story could or would be more interesting to hear, if the story that I am going to tell you now has already happened in the past, because even if there are sad stories being told, since they are passed already, they would not seem so sad anymore and they could be compared to today’s living to make the story more interesting.
Therefore, dear readers, while you are reading my life story try to compare the ways of living of those by gone days with the ways that we are living our lives today, because this would be one of the reasons why I am writing my life story; you see today when I see things done from the younger generation that do not agree with my own views, sometimes I would like to tell them the ways that things were done when I was young, therefore, I would start by saying; when I was young these things were not done this way and keep telling them what we did then. I hope you see what I mean. But now, let me start telling you the story of my life;

 The story of my life

So, now let me start telling you my life story, I was born in the late thirties that means that, I was born before World War 2, 1939- 1945, I was born in a rural town of southern Italy, as I have already mentioned at the beginning of this article, my family had a small farm and owned some farm land around the farm, but this farm land that we owned was not enough to earn a living, so we (my family) would also work the land of large land owners who would let us use their land for a price that had to be paid usually with an agreed amount of produce each year, that was normal practice in those days.
Perhaps I need to write this observation here, to understand better the situation about us small farmers, one has to think that in the past the entire countryside would belong to the landlord that the rulers of the day gave the right to run that part of the country, so even when I was young some of these way of living existed, the rich land owner that now replaced the government landlord, would let use their land for a price. Anyhow talking about the old landlord and the castles that they used to run the countryside, there is this castle of Monte Serico in our territory and I remember that from my family farm I could see this castle far away every day of my life, of course there is also a history about this castle, I have written that in this hub, The castle of, it has plenty of history of its own. 
In order to understand how things were done then in the farms, and here I am talking before and also during World war 2, I need to tell you this; to earn a living in those days was very hard, it was much harder than today, not only for us farmers who were then thought to be in a better position of the rest of the town community, because we were producing something useful for the rest of the community especially in war time when food was hard to come by, we could always find something to eat from the fields, so the rest of the town were influenced by us farmers, so if we were doing well the rest of the town would be doing well too, I believe that here I could add this to make you see what I mean; in the simple life of those times, the most important thing was that people would be able to eat wholesome food every day, if you were able to do that then you were doing well, I hope I have made my point here.
Now I need to point out that there was no much money going around in those days and a lot of times we had to exchange produce or things to make ends meet. So, let me tell you a couple of examples how things were done in those days; for example if it happened that we needed a blacksmith to sharpen the tools during the year to work the fields, we would pay the blacksmith with an agreed amount of wheat, since wheat was our main crop and also most people needed wheat to make their own bread during the year; you see in those times, if you had wheat you could take it to the mill to make flour and then make your own bread; therefore by paying work done by wheat was convenient, as it was a two ways solution. It also was done like that because there was no much money around even the barbers used to be paid in wheat or some other produce from the farmers. Of course there was some money to do other general smaller services or things, but all those services that would take a long time usually for years were done by these agreement of so much work in exchange of so much produce.
I know dear readers that what I have said might seem ridiculous today, but this is how life was in those old days. So, I wonder how you the younger generation would feel to live in the old days that I have described above, and be a farmer’s youth working in the farm from a very tender age as I did. Here I would like to call on you my readers to compare what I have said above to today living and let me know if you feel like making a comment. I just wonder how you would feel like to be in a lonely place as I was, where there was not a single electronic device to play with or just listen to; I just wonder how you would feel like and what you would do.
I am saying this because today when I look at the young people most of them walk about with a mobile talking to their friends, or listening to music, or doing whatever they can do with their mobile, the difference in life style is so great that it is hard to believe that so many electronic devises have come out in the last fifty years or so, and they have changed our life style and we are better off; therefore I have to ask myself, what the youths of today could have done in my place? But anyhow let us continue to tell the story of my life.
Some personal writing concerns
Dear readers, while I am trying to write my life story, I have become concerned how to set it up properly, because I believe that I have missed to mention this part of my life; as you might know most Italians are religious and most of them are Roman Catholic and so was also my family including myself, so I was born and baptized in a Roman Catholic Church just like everybody else in town, and this is how my life stared. I know that this is only the start of my life that I have told you in this hub and I have a lot more to say, but unfortunately I am not allowed because of duplicate content in hub pages, just like what is following here under, that is why I am concerned.
At this point of time I have become concerned that I am not going to be able to write my life story the way that I would have liked to write it, so let me explain the reasons why and the way that I feel. Now, since this hub is supposed to be mainly about my own life story, I would have liked to go back to talk about myself and my position in my family and those things that happen when one is born a just a toddler; but unfortunately again some of my life stories have been already published in blogger, therefore I cannot repeat them here because it will become duplicate content. So I say this to you, if you would like to know what I am talking about, you may have to read some of my blogs or my websites these are the links, http://menfranco.blogspot.com and,,
Of course in this blogs there are many posts and pages, but what I am talking about here is the post called, My life struggles, which could be different from our next hub, my life my struggles. You know I would like to tell you so many things and I will do that when I work out what I can publish here as I go on writing in Hub Pages. See you soon in, my life my struggles article. 


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