My life my struggles 20

My life my struggles

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My life my struggles

Dear readers, let me tell you some of the struggles of my life, as we all know during our lives there are times when we have to struggle. But I have to tell you that even though life was hard for me lots of times I still enjoyed it, because life is a beautiful struggle and is is better that we view it in a positive way. 

Apart from our normal every day struggles, there are struggles within us that we have to deal with during our lives, so we have to find our inner strength to overcome these struggles, it would be the only way to enjoy life the best way we can. 

My life my struggles

Here you are all invited to browse as long as you like, and then perhaps you might compare my life struggles with somebody else struggles, or with your own struggles if you feel that you are struggling and you want company, but try to do all this with a smile, even if you would feel a bit run down sometimes.
My life my struggles
This story is going to be just a simple man life journey that is being told from the old man himself and that old man is me: So, let me tell you about my own life journey, allow me to start with the memories of my life, whether these memories are happy happenings or sad ones, and also the struggles of my life since life may be said that is a beautiful struggle; I am saying this because I feel that I have been struggling all my life long, in fact I feel that I am even struggling just now, while I am writing my life memories, so let us talk about my life struggles

My beautiful life struggles

Dear readers let me tell you that these are the struggles of life of an ordinary and partly educated man, who had to struggle his own ways in life, and even now is struggling in order to live his life in full; one could or would describe him as a born struggler, who kept battling on during his whole life so to speak and continues to struggle even now.

So, as it often happens to the best of us, sometimes he won his battles and sometimes he lost them. And although when he had a tough battle a scar or mark was left on him for life, he never thought to surrender to the adverse elements that life brought to him; but he kept battling on his whole life from his very tender age onward. And no matter how hard it became for himself he kept struggling on, in order to conquer those negative elements which sometimes make life miserable, as we all may know from our own life experiences.
He had to do it all by himself because; there is no other way that a person can live his own life, but one has got to keep fighting on and never give up, no matter how hard it might become during one’s own life, starting from the very beginning when we are born.
And this is the subject that I’d like to be talking to you just now, which is going to be never the less the very same story of my life, as I have already mentioned before.
So looking at what life usually bring us I have to say that, it seems to me that we are born to struggle, in order to find our own way in life, as there seems to be no other ways available.
But here I would also like to point out to you that, there are lots of people throughout the world nowadays, who believe that we are born to suffer, as if suffering is necessary for living our lives; but I would not and could not agree with them at all on this suffering subject, because I don’t believe for a single moment that we are born to suffer. The reasoning is that if we believe that we are born to suffer, then, when something would make me suffer I would have to accept suffering as it was, and I would do nothing at all to improve my situation. To me this situation would be absurd, and therefore, I prefer to believe that it should always be possible to do something to improve my situation, even if is going to make me struggle hard for a long time.
So now, let us stop to think about what we have just said above, because we would like to discuss a bit more about this subject of struggling or suffering, since we would like to convince you including ourselves that what we believe about our life would be correct; so, we hope you don’t mind following what we have in mind to say now; which is that we would like to explain a bit more what we have said about struggling and suffering for comparison sake.
So, let us talk about this comparison of struggling or suffering, just to see if what we have said above would make sense to us. So let us make a general observation here; we have to say that generally speaking for a start, any parents would wish from the bottom of their hearts that their children will have an easy and happy life to live.
And if we were to ask any parent, or would be future parents: if they would like to have any children at all, knowing in advance that their children would have to suffer during their life time, we are sure that they would never agree to have children under such conditions.
Having said that now we have to say that we don’t know exactly why and how it came about, the belief that we are born to suffer, even though we see the reasons why we usually have to struggle during our lives, but let try to explain the suffering part.
We have reasons to believe that this suffering could be part of religious cults, because some religious cults do this to scare us in order to control us: we are saying this because it is a well-known fact that religious people have had some influence in these beliefs, because for a long time they have preached and believed that the flesh had to suffer, and only through suffering the soul would become holy in the eyes of God. Here we would like to ask this; is it really necessary that the body has to suffer, in order for the soul to become worthy in the eyes of God? Personally speaking I don’t see the need for the body to suffer, so religious people have a mistaken view about this suffering of the body, having said that, now I believe that we need to explain better, what would be better to believe. 

Let us talk about this religious mistaken views

Here we state our beliefs, so, we have to say that we don’t see the need for the flesh to suffer, in order for the soul to become holy in the eyes of God; therefore, we believe that religious people have made a mistake and their beliefs are wrong, because if you are a believer and you believe in God; how could you ever think that we are born to suffer? How could you ever think that? Just think about it! How could God Our Heavenly Father, who is the perfect Father in every way: Why should God make us just to make us suffer?
No! The whole thought of suffering here is absurd, because any good father loves his own children, and therefore he wishes that his own children live a good and happy life. Therefore, God who is the best father of us all must have made us to be free, so that we could choose our own way of living, and if during our lives there happens to be painful times, we have to rectify it ourselves in our own way, even if this will make us struggle to overcome the suffering.
Therefore we are sure that we are not born to suffer, but perhaps we are born free to do whatever comes our way and sometime we have to struggle to find our own way out of the problems that we are facing at that time.
Now I would like to tell you, that I understand that life is not easy except for a few people that are born lucky. Therefore for those people who think that life is easy, I am pretty sure that they are in the minority; and ether they are the very lucky few, which everything has been done for them, or they are fools and they cannot see what life is all about. 
Indeed it is a well-known and acknowledged fact of life, that there are several kinds of struggles within our present life: And as a matter of fact some great man have acknowledged of the existence of these struggles, and also of the existence of an inner struggle which we feel within ourselves most times.
Now, some of these men have even expressed their views in public, in a direct way or an indirect way. In my life time for instance, ‘The Right Honourable Australian Prime Minister, Malcolm Fraser,’ when the public was complaining that life was a struggle for them under his government policies; He used to say to them and I quote; ‘Life is not meant to be easy’.
Therefore I feel so sure to admit that there are struggles in our lives, even if we don’t want them to be there, and I can assure you that even when we are not struggling, life is not meant to be easy for us, because, we will always be struggling as something somehow will bother us, one way or another.
Therefore, my own life being just like anybody else, or perhaps worse off in some respect, I would like to tell you to the extent of some very personal details, so that I will be able to show you and prove my point that in order to survive I had to struggle.
So, it seems to me that from here onward I am going to tell you ‘The struggles of my life.’ Or perhaps should I say the story of my life; since this is the only issue that I am sure to know better than anybody else and there are some personal reasons to tell the story of my life.

 Why tell the story

I would like to tell you the story of my life, just the way that I have lived it; with so many good chances that were wasted, owing to the fact that I was badly prepared when I was young, for that reason I wasn’t able to understand fully that they were good chances and I could have done something about them. And I would like to comment about the anguish that those wasted chances brought with them, then and also later on during my life. So, when I think about the past with all its suffering that I have been through, I believe that I could have lived a better life, if I had been better prepared for it when I was young. And this is the most important aspect that I want to demonstrate here, and if you think that I am lamenting about my own life you are right. Anyhow one of the reasons for telling you this story is that you could compare this life story to your own life story or the story of somebody else and hope it would help, because you will know that you are not alone and most times we are all struggling during our lives.
Let me add here also other reasons that have made me write this hub about my life struggles, even though here I am trying to tell you the story and struggles of my life, I would like to see some benefit flow to my readers, perhaps in the sense of looking at life in a more acceptable way when things go wrong and they have to struggle; then they may remember my story and say to themselves, life is hard for me these days, but I am not alone, because lots of other people are indeed struggling these days, look at this story that I have just read, which was talking about somebody else life struggles; you see, once you know that you are not the only one struggling things will look somehow better.
I believe that I might have said enough in this hub of my life my struggles, so, I would like to conclude by saying that I am going to write more in my next hub called, My life story and laments or, An old man story, or This is my life story plus, or something like that depending on what hub pages will accept for a title. See you later in our next article.


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