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This new hub is the continuation of our last hub, Indian justice, because that article was becoming very long and therefore hard to follow, it also looks at that the same incident that took place the 15 of February 2012, where supposedly two Indian fishermen lost their life, when they were shot from the Italian Navy marines, therefore we are going to continue to look and debate what happened until we cover most of our story.
Anyhow the 15 of February 2012 after the incident took place; the General Staff of the Italian marine let the Indian Costal Guard know that the security guards of the oil tanker Enrica Lexie had driven back an attack of pirates in international waters.
Because of this Italian information the Indian Costal Guards calls the Enrica Lexie oil tanker and told them that they have stopped this boat involved into their piracy event; so, now they would like that the oil tanker comes back to their port at Kochi, so that they would recognize their assailants. But this is not the only thing that the Indian Costal Guard did, because they also sent two patrol boats and a recognition aeroplane, in a way the Enrica Lexie was forced to come to the port of Kochi and here the infamous trickery took place. Perhaps a better name and explanation for this would be that the Indian used this strategy to make to Enrica Lexie dock at their port where they would have an advantage, since this was their territorial waters.
You see, the Indian Costal Guards lied to the Enrica Lexie crew, and when they came to the port of Kochi instead of being asked to recognize the pirate boat and crew that had assaulted them, they were accused of being the pirates instead, this is as low as the Indian authorities can get to save their own neck, we are saying this because, if they were not involved, they would not make an effort and do what they did; let us just make it clear to the public; the Costal Guards asked the Enrica Lexie to come to the port of Kochi to recognize the pirates as if the case was final, but they did not say that the Enrica Lexie was also under investigation, they presented the case in a twisted way to the Enrica Lexie crew, so the only thing that one can thing about their behaviour is that they are also involved in something that might be criminal, so they want to cover the evidence by accusing somebody else.
For the Enrica Lexie to go to port was very costly, because they had to go out of their way, but they accepted to do it, because they wanted the pirates to be apprehended and punished, as they firmly believed that they were pirates that had attacked them? Now to understand what we are saying here, you need to look at the map of Kochi beside here and what involves to go to Kochi port, you see they were in international water, and perhaps I dare say that they had been in international water all the time, because that is what they believed had been, but the Indians say that they had come into their territorial waters and that is where the incident happened, anyhow they were in international waters when the Indian Coast Guard ask them in a more or less forced way to dock at Kochi; but not only that the Indian authorities also kept the oil tanker for five days, how much would this cost to the Enrica Lexie we do not know, but one day they might want compensation.   
In order to understand the whole situation, one has to keep in mind that it was the Italian General Staff that informed the Indian Costal Guards in the first place, because the Enrica Lexie oil tanker had been attacked by pirates, for the oil tanker guards they had to be pirates, because that is the way that the trawler Saint Antony behaved, as they did not take any notice of the conventional light signals that were being sent to them by the Enrica Lexie, so all signs were there that the intention of the Saint Antony were trying to board the Enrica Lexie, and therefore they were pirates .
Therefore it was the way that the trawler Saint Antony behaved that caused the incident, here one can speculate why the Saint Antony behaved that way and there are a few thing that come to our mind, so let us write a few of our suspicious thoughts:
The Saint Antony crew were not just plain fishermen and they did something else beside fishing; we are saying this because that is the only way to explain the way they behaved, you see you do not expose yourself to dangers, if there isn’t a good enough reason for doing it. So this is what could have happened, the Saint Antony crew believed that the Enrica Lexie had no armed guards on board, so they would be able to board the tanker and hold it to ransom; 2 the Saint Antony crew wanted to come close to the oil tanker to collect something from their own countrymen that were on board the Enrica Lexie; 3 perhaps there was something else, like their countrymen on the Enrica Lexie had something that they wanted, so they were trying to board the oil tanker to take whatever they wanted.
So, in a way the crew of the Saint Antony, because they tried to come close to the oil tanker caused the whole incident, therefore the Enrica Lexie crew cannot be blamed at all, just because they were pushed to react to the pressure that the Saint Antony was putting on them.
Now let us just say did again, the Italian marines had no other way but to react and fire towards the Saint Antony, but this does not mean that they killed the two supposed to be fishermen, because they could easily be killed from somebody else, we will continue to explore the situation, in our next article where we will talk about other possibilities and why the Italian marines cannot be accused.   

Italian marines cannot be accused
Here we are going to show you why the Italian Navy marines should not be accused of killing the supposed to be fishermen, while they seemed to be fishing for something else, because they must have been doing something else, otherwise they would not be charging towards the Enrica Lexie oil tanker; what was their real intention we do not know, but for sure their action does not make sense, so what might have made them to do that one can only speculate?
But first let us point this out to our readers, the two Italian Navy marines could not have killed the two supposed to be fishermen, because according to some experts the projectiles that hit the Indian boat Saint Antony and killed the fishermen were fired from somebody that was at the same level of the Indian boat, in other words the projectile were travelling in a horizontal way, while the two Italian Navy marines fired towards the Indian boat from the deck above and their projectile would have travelled in an angle, so their fire could not have killed the fishermen.
Now let us speculate what could have been the reasons for the Indian boat to charge towards the oil tanker Enrica Lexie:
The first thing that comes to our mind here is that the Indian boat was acting like pirates, as they wanted to come close to the oil tanker, perhaps they thought that the oil tanker had no guards, so they could board it and hold the oil tanker to ransom, this sounds unlikely but it is still a possibility.
In second place, looking at what we have been able to read on this case, the most likely scenario is that the Saint Antony wanted to come close enough to the oil tanker, either to collect something from their countrymen in the oil tanker crew, or to grab that something by force from them, but this failed because their countrymen did not deliver the goods, the Italian Navy marine started firing from the deck above and perhaps we dare say that those who had to deliver the goods fired on them and might have killed them. The other possibility is that because they had failed they were executed by somebody that had organized this forced encounter.
Last but not least is that the two fishermen that were killed were acting in a stupid way, and they wanted to challenge openly the Enrica Lexie, because they believed that the oil tanker was in their territorial waters, at the same time the Enrica Lexie believed that they were in international waters, so who is correct here we will never know. Now this is important to know where this incident happened for the court to decide who has the jurisdiction and should hear the case; but it is not that important for the behaviour of this people involved, because they could have acted otherwise.        
For the Saint Antony crew to attack the Enrica Lexie was completely wrong, here we say attack because it was the Saint Antony that was navigating towards the oil tanker, so the oil tanker crew could only conclude that they were being attacked from pirates. So if we have to see who is to blame, one could only conclude that the Indian boat has three quarter of the blame, for behaving the way they did. You see they could have called the Indian Coast Guard to chase away the oil tanker, if they believed that the oil tanker was in their territorial waters, instead of doing what they did, we hope you see what we wanted to explain. There could be more to say here, so I hope to come back soon.
The causes and effect of this case
Dear readers, in order to show you what the effect could be from this case, we need to do the following: even though we still believe that the two Italian Navy marine are completely innocent, and their firing toward the Saint Antony did not hit or kill anyone, we need to assume just for a moment that they might have done some damage, just to prove what the effect could be.
So, here we need also to think about what would be the effects of this case internationally. You see if the Indian courts hear the case and they find the Italian Navy marines guilty, just because they want them to be guilty for their own ends; then there could be a lot of repercussions around the world, as many question need to be asked, one of the first questions could be this: If you are being attacked, do you have the right to defend yourself?
The right answer to that question can only be yes you have the right to defend yourself, and this is exactly what the Italian Navy marine did, they were defending their oil tanker from being attacked from pirates. Of course later on it turned out that the Indian boat was not a pirate boat and it could have been an avoidable mistake, but the blame for the mistake happened only because the Indian boat crew behaved just like a pirate boat would.
Now let us look at this case in a different direction: The two Italian Navy marines are on guard on the Enrica Lexie oil tanker, they were there because they had to navigate across this part of the Indian ocean where there were pirates, so their duty was to defend the oil tanker from these would be pirates and they did, so they have done nothing wrong, since they did what needed to be done under orders. Here again we need to repeat that it was the behaviour of the Indian crew that caused the incident.
Now let us talk about the effects that this case can bring about and let us say this: if a soldier is sent to war and during the war he had to shoot to defend his position, at the end of the war you would not hold him responsible for the deaths he might have caused, would you? In a parallel way the two Italian Navy marines were put in a position where they had to do what they did, so, they should not be entirely responsible for what they did. If the Indian authorities want to see who is responsible then they might have to sue the Italian government for damages, or the owners of the Enrica Lexie, that is all what in my opinion would be the right thing to do.
You see, we still believe that the two Italian Navy marines are completely innocent and they did not cause the death of the two Indian fishermen.
I hope that one day the Indian courts drops the charges against the Italian Navy marines and sets them free to go home, and then settles its difference with the Italian government or the owners of the Enrica Lexie.
You see the world cannot afford to charge personal for doing their duty, especially those people that are put in a position to guard the safety of others, because if they punish the guards for guarding what they had to guard, then nobody would become a guard anymore, and the entire world would become chaotic, and anarchy would reign out of control.
We hope we have said enough to state our point of view.     


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