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My farm life chapter

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My farm life chapter
This is a wheat field about to be harvested, it looks like that it will produce plenty of wheat this season, if the entire field is the same as we see it in this photo.

A youth in the farm, I guess with his father, dreaming his own dreams, the picture says more land, this could also have been my dream, if I had more land, I could have stayed in the farm all my life. But in Italy, there are lots of small farms, so, land is pricy and hard to buy, for this reason, I had to leave farming.

My farm life chapter
Dear readers, this post is the continuation of our last post, farm life can be very hard, and it is a chapter of my farm life experience and views, so, here again I am going to lament about my early childhood life in the farm, which has been one of those facts of life, that to most of us could happen during our life, so, whatever I am telling you here is the story of my life and nothing else. Now we can also say, that no matter how negative a story could be, and there are plenty of negative in my life story, there must be also some positive things that would happen, and those experiences could be used from us later in life, when we can; therefore, let me tell you this other chapter of my life story, the way that I have lived it, and how I see it now.
I believe that to give you a better picture overall, of what life was like in the farms of my native town of Genzano di Lucania, when I was young, I need also to tell you about many other things as well, and the town itself, then the ways of how people used to live in those times, what was happening at the time when I was young. So, let me talk about the town and the population first.
From my memory, I believe that the town of Genzano di Lucania, early in the twentieth century had reached a population of about 7,000 inhabitants, in the forties when I was young the population had grown to about 8,000 and reached 8,389 in 1951 inhabitants, and this is the highest number of people on record that I know of. Even though some people believe that there were near 10,000 people living in Genzano, but I am not sure about that.
Anyhow, today the number of people that used to live in Genzano does not matter anymore, as we don’t attach much importance to this issue. However, let us tell you about it; in the seventies, it had shrunk to only 5,500 inhabitants or there about. The reasons for this population shrinkage, it was because lots of people had to emigrate somewhere in those times. The reasons why they had to emigrate will be fully understood, when I explain what happened to the rural community of this town including myself. Today while I am writing this article the first time, the town of Genzano has 6200 inhabitants or there about.
My native town of Genzano is known as Genzano di Lucania to distinguish it from another Italian town Genzano di Roma. Anyhow this Genzano di Lucania these days has a territory of about 21,000 Hectares of land, if I remember right, and about 80% of this land is arable land, and it is mostly used to grow wheat, especially durum wheat; the rest of the land is used to grow grapes vines or olive trees and other farm produce, and there are also reserves or grazing land; as anyone can see from what I have said here, this town owes its wealth to the rural community that produces wheat, because this town is well known to produce lots of very high quality durum wheat, which the mills that make pasta rush to buy it, when it’s harvest time. Now even if the mills rush to buy this durum wheat, the price of wheat is not high, so, the farmers make only enough money to keep going and one should think that it takes one year to produce and harvest a crop of wheat, so, it is not that good for the farmers; there are also other things that must be taken into consideration, as I will continue to explain while I am writing my life story.
Anyhow, as I have already mentioned above, there are lots of other produce from the farms, because we used to have mixed farming, but these products are used locally, and if some of them are sold out of the town, they are not a great deal to make any difference, to how wealthy this town is, and if wealth may make much difference. But let us see, how everything was set up then, because, this may make some difference, to see if it is good or not that good to be there.
At the time when I was young, there were lots of small farms in Genzano, and although the most important and the largest crop that brought in the money was durum wheat, in reality they had to practice mixed farming for their own needs, this practice was a must to do, but it would cut down on the amount of land that would produce durum wheat, anyhow, I will try to explain how the farms were run at those times when I was young, in our next post, how the farms were run then.
See you soon.
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My farm life chapter
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