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A picture can tell you lots of information, look at this one beside here. Anyhow here we would like to point out that this post is also about informations


Dear readers, today we are going to restart this blog in a different way; you see we would like to choose our best posts, or a few articles that we have posted before and reset them in a different way, so in this post, we will be talking about useful information for a start; we know that we have already posted some of these issues before, but we would like to do that because, we would like to write all our post in a written text and then save it on the cloud, it is a new way you see, so we need a new approach.
Anyhow, this blog has been opened to collect some of the most interesting posts that we write, and also to collect some helpful articles that we see written, so that in the end we may have a sort of record of what could be useful to remember.
Under here is written one of those articles that I feel is useful to remember; because it talks about the way we behave:

In the net was reported this strange interpretation of how we behave and their values, which is as follows.
Only 7% of communication is verbal communication. (see note)
38% of it depends on our intonation, or the sound of our voice. For instance: A shaky, uneven voice may suggest that a person is shy, intimidated, or dishonest. A clear, loud voice may indicate that a person is confident.
The largest chunk of communication is body language, which takes up the remaining 55%. These statistics show that a person who knows how to control their body and voice is considered more appealing than someone who knows only a mouthful of pick-up lines and crowd pleaser's.
The impression we make on others starts not when we first open our mouth, but with our posture, breathing, appearance, and movement. Also see Micro Expressions .

This seems a bit strange to me, as I thought that verbal communication was the most important of them all, anyhow this was reported thus, so now we have to decide for ourselves whether we are going to believe it or not; this is only the first part of what we have noted.

This is our second notation;
We need to be healthy, wealthy and wise

You see, I have been invited to help and write a post by my fried. As you can see our intention is to collect useful information that we may be able to use later on.
Now, the first thing that comes to my mind is the fact that, if we want to do well in life, we need to be healthy, wealthy and wise.
Having said that it does not mean that I have said everything useful already, it is only the beginning of our useful discussions, because I am sure that you are going to ask the first question, which by its own importance should be: What should we do, if we want to be healthy?
Very well, I am glad you asked just that:
It is very important that during our life we continually learn how to look after ourselves, then apply what we have learned without fail, it is obvious that if we do not do that, we have nobody to blame by ourselves.
There are so many things that one can say on this subject about health, but today I do not have much time to discuss much, so I am only going to say a few things in a general way:
Look after yourself, do not do stupid dangerous things, as you may get hurt or even get killed;
Do not drink too much and get drunk, it is stupid and unhealthy if you think about it?
Eat healthy foods and drink in moderation, remember that moderation is the key to stay healthy, also exercise everyday if possible according to your strength, and not according to what everybody says. Make sure that you remember those things that have been good for you and those that have not, so that you know what to do in the future.
This is all for today, and remember that it is very important to be healthy, wealthy and wise.
Now, let us try to write our next notation
It would be useful to know how to sleep well, so let us see what we can say about it. 

This is the third notation;

Insomnia - Causes and Treatments

You are up way past your bedtime trying to beat a high score in our on-line arcade? Spend more time flipping your pillows over and over again rather than sleeping on them? You might have insomnia... or at least show symptoms similar to insomnia. Want to get yourself into a better sleeping habit? I am not a doctor, just a person who has had sleeping problems since childhood. The following article is based on bits of facts and a whole lot of personal opinions and experience. Read on...
Insomnia is a tricky disease if you even want to call it that. Can you really compare it to drug or alcohol abuse? Is it mental?

Doctors state that people who can’t sleep for more than one month or have sleep disturbance constantly are either experiencing insomnia or are at a higher risk of getting it.
There are two main types of Insomnia, one being Idiopathic which is a disorder where you really don’t sleep at all. Prolonged periods of this type of Insomnia can really harm your body.
Insomnia Treatment
Treatments are a great way to beat Insomnia, but there are ways you can change the way you sleep just by moving your lifestyle to a calmer and easier routine. If you've ever had a busy day where you have to be in more than one place at a time while getting fifty million phone calls during that day, you've probably had just enough stress to cause sleeping problems.
One way to beat stress (and Insomnia) is to organize your life, make sure you’re not doing more then what your body can handle.
Doctors will at times prescribe a psychiatrist or shrink to deal with Insomnia or a mental problem and I guarantee they will tell you exactly what I am telling you or something similar. The real treatment is changing your lifestyle.
Try the standard home remedies: warm baths, warm milk, herbal tea, etc..
Lay off the caffeine in the afternoon and especially before bed.
One of the best methods for curing sleep problems is simply keeping to a schedule. No matter what time you fall asleep always wake up at the same time. Even on weekends. No exceptions. If you stay up till 4am, and your wake up time is 8am -- set your alarm and wake up at 8am. No matter how tired you are during the day, do not take a nap. If you are sceptical just try this method for a week or two and see how it works for you.
If no traditional methods work for you, you can try herbal supplements such as Valerian, Passion flower, Lavender, Hops, Wild lettuce, California poppy, Kava kava, St. John's Wort or Melatonin. (Be sure to talk to your doctor about herbal remedies before poisoning yourself).
A prescription will most likely help you fall asleep; however the cost is high in both your wallet and your life. Prescription Anti-Insomnia drugs are expensive and almost always VERY ADDICTIVE. Even newer drugs claiming to be non-habit forming are iffy in my book. Do an online search for these drugs the TV is pimping to you, and find out the good and the bad for yourself before diving in.
These few things that we have mentioned above could really help if you think about it, so give it a try.

I believe that I have said enough in this post, so see you in our next post, which we will be talking about, Scientific Palmistry. See you soon 
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