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Friends are does who help

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Friends are those who help 
Most people during their lives want to own a house, this is the dream that most people would like to achieve during their lives, it is only natural, because it help them feel more secure and also proud of themselves, so in this post and next post we are going to state our views, of how to go about that, in the hope that we would help our friends make the right decision.

Friends are those who help  
Dear readers, I seem to have run out of my building articles, so I am going to post an article or two about some willing help from friends, you see, it is something else that still deals with house building and real estate, so let us start.
When we are going to do something important for the first time in our life, we wish that there is somebody that we could talk to openly, as we would like to know if the decision that we are about to make would be the right one, so, we need somebody that we would trust and who are those people that we could trust; so, we ask ourselves who would be able to help us to make the final decision, we know that there are many people able to help, but we want to talk to people that we can trust and these people would be only our family and our most trusted friends. So I hope that my friends would understand and come to help me and be counted as real friends; because as the saying goes, a friend in need is a friend indeed.
Dear readers there are reasons to believe that we all would be better off if we try to help each other and use our knowledge to help our friends, sometimes we might have to go out of our ways to help some friends, but if you really think it is worth the effort to help your friend, then you should do it. 
Let us not make the mistake that everybody that we talks to is our friend, because friends are only those people that when you need help they are willing to help you, sometimes they volunteer their help willingly and sometimes we have to insist to get them motivated to help us, it works both ways, since the help that we might need from a friend could be what that friend has knowledge of, but we have not and the other way around. Most times the help we need is just knowhow and this would cost nothing moneywise to our friends, but still our friend might be reluctant to give us his/her knowhow, because it might put them in a position where they have to tell you some personal things that usually they would not want to talk about willingly, or the line of work they are involved in might in a way forbid them to give us advise willingly; Take the lawyers for instance they are paid just for counselling and their words cost plenty and they might be just a few words of advice.
Anyhow this is not our case, because our case is at a much lower category and it has got to do more about building accommodations and real estate than laws, therefore this may not apply; but nevertheless we may not want to talk about what properties we own and how we acquired them, just because some people might feel jealous and hate us for showing off, so we have to be careful what we say on this real estate subject. But there are times when some of our friends want to buy their house or unit to live in, as they know that you own some properties, they would like to know everything that you know about properties, so that they may avoid costly mistakes, in these cases we should accept that there inquiries are genuine and we should really help them; so let us write an example about houses for sale or rent.
Houses for sale or rent
Dear readers, this post was going to be called, houses for sale or rent, to help those people that are looking for real estate. Then I was going to call it, ‘What friends are for’ and “friends are there to help” because I wanted to say, ask a friend for help if you don’t know enough about real estate yourself, but in the end I had to accept to call it “Friends could help” which does not really say much about the real estate scope of writing this post about real estate; anyhow let us see what we can offer to help those people that are about to rent or buy their own house, or just rent one if that is their better option in the long run; at the same time let us describe how friends could help and why sometimes it is not that simple to find people willing to help in these cases. But first of all let us define who could be called a friend, because a friend in need is a friend indeed, as we have said at the very start of this hub.
 Yes, this is the case that we are going to talk about in this post (article), because one of my friends that we are going to call Joe in this article wants to by a property and is asking my advice how to go about it; so, we are going to talk real estate and what we need to understand before we buy. After all I believe that what we know should be used for the betterment of ourselves first of all, and then, for the betterment of our family and friends and also for the betterment of the rest of the community, if that help does not cost you money or put you in a difficult situation; if the help that you are going to give does not affect you in any way adversely, then any knowhow that we have should be shared we our friends, and this is what we are going to do here, while we are answering my friend Joe’s questions; anyhow I am willingly going to share whatever knowledge I might have, because my friend Joe is asking for help, so let us see what Joe wants to know first of all about properties.
Looks like that this post has become too long already, so we are going to talk about our help, in our next post called, Joe real estate questions.
See you soon.

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