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Refugees, what could be done

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What could be done we may ask?
Here we are discussing some of the refugees problems, and ask ourselves what could be done about it. Of course, we find hard to understand the several reasons, why this happens. But we know that we have to try to understand the reasons, because only then we might be able to work out a solution.

What could be done we may ask?

Dear readers, this post is the continuation of our last post, where refugees come from, where we were trying to know what could be done about it. We believe that no one knows what is the best way to handle this refugees problem, the Italian authorities try hard to do their best. For a start, they go to help those refugees that their boats are in danger of sinking, or have already sung and try to rescue the refugees from the Mediterranean Sea. I know that, because I follow the Italian news on SBS, I know that there are too many days, when over a thousand refugees land in Italy, and that is just too many of them for the Italian authorities to handle properly, but they do their best. You see, Italy is not a big country and have already got their own problems with the earthquake refugees, that have been displaced as their houses have been destroyed from the earthquake, so, all these extra refugees put a strain on the authorities and the Italian economy.

Looking at all these problems that these foreign refugees cause, to the country they go to live in, we should start thinking if there is another way to solve this worldwide problem, but so far, nobody has come up with a good suggestion that could solve the refuges problem. Some people say that on humanitarian grounds, we should help these refugees, because they are human beings like us, so, I believe that we should help them. But when these same people that have been saved from drowning, they turn around and do nasty things to the native people in the country they are living, we should start to wonder if we are doing the right thing when we have saved them from drowning.

Because of all these nasty things that happen every now and then, and because there are also some terrorist elements in these said refugees. As we all know the many terrorist attacks that have happened in the last few years. Some leaders in the western world say that we should ban those people that are trouble makers. So, instead or running out to help them and bring them in your own country, we should try to stop them, at our own boundary. Like what President trump wants to do, he wants to erect a wall at the boundary between Mexico and USA. And, ban some people that come from countries that condones terrorist, to come to America.

Here I should say that perhaps President Donald Trump has got it right, just because he wants to stop the refugees, or at least slow down the refugees coming in thousands, when nobody has invited them to come. Of course, on humanitarian grounds we should think that they are people in need, so, they should be helped, but this does not mean that they should be helped, before we help our own people in need of help. This is the question that we should ask ourselves. And then try to find an answer to that, so, we should investigate, if there are ways that would bring a better outcome.

Looking for anything that could help

The world today should look at this refugees problem more closely, so, not only they should try to help the refugees on humanitarian grounds, but they should make a greater effort to see if there are things that could be done in the countries of origin of the refugees, so that there will be less refugees in the world. In other words, we should investigate all the reasons why people become refugees, and then, do anything possible to fix the problems, which makes these people become refugees. I suppose that in the past we have already tried this in various parts of the world, but we have had a limited success.

In my own personal views, I believe that the world should not give up, looking for the reasons why these people become refugees, in the first place. Because there could be something that could be done, we should be looking at the reasons why these people become refugees, then try to fix those things that make people leave their own native land.

We need to fix these problems at the source, because tomorrow they might spread even more, and then, it will be harder to fix them. You see, today the refugees are already causing many problems in the western world, which could easily grow to unforeseen problems, which we intend to point out, in our next post, since this post would become too long, if we talk about it now.

See you soon, in our next post, exploring the refugee’s reasons. 
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