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Welcome to my life story

Welcome to my blog, Menfranco general blog
and this post, Welcome to my life story
Welcome to my life story
Wherever we go and whatever we do we would like to be welcomed, so, with this sign I am welcoming you to my posts, these posts to start with will be about my own life story and many other things.

Welcome to my life story 
Dear readers, with this post, I am going to start writing this first article of my life story, my life story is going to be many articles or posts if you like to call them posts. Therefore, let me welcome you to my articles and introduce myself first of all: my name is Frank Menchise; and here I am writing my first article, in Hub Pages, yes you heard it right, I have already published this article in Hub Pages, and now I am repeating them in blogger for my blogger followers.  
So, I would like to welcome you to my posts, you are all invited to read about these articles, which will be about my life story that will be written in the following articles that I indent to write.
I am welcoming you dear readers, since those who are going to read my posts are going to be my friends from now on, so I would like that they feel welcome. So I feel already that I have a bond with you dear readers, and that is the reason why I am welcoming you to my posts with open arms so to speak; since I would like to have many followers.
Now that I have welcomed you to read my articles; first let me tell you who I am and where I come from, my full name is Francesco Menchise and I was born in Genzano di Lucania, for those that don’t know where Genzano di Lucania is, I will tell you it is in Southern Italy.
Now that I have introduced myself, let us state briefly what sort of articles we are going to write for our readers in these posts: in a way all articles put together are going to be the story of my life and what I have learned from it, so, even though today I am in Australia and writing these articles in English, I am going to start the story of my life from where I was born; therefore, for a start we are going to take you on a journey to the place where I was born, and talk about my native town of Genzano di Lucania, where I was born and spent my young life in this town, and therefore, what I did when I was young, then we will talk about my emigrating to Australia and what I did for a living when I came to Australia, and then all the most important things that I have done in my life, so in a way it is going to be the story of my life from beginning to the present days; I hope to be able to write it clear enough for my readers to understand easily. You might say why I want to write the story of my life? Well I don’t really know, but today seems that everybody wants to write about the story of their lives, so I would like to tell you my own life story also.  
Therefore, I hope that I will be able to write about a few interesting things, while I am telling you about my life story, and you are all welcome to read and enjoy anything that you find in my posts interesting, and perhaps sometimes that part that is not going to be very interesting for you, but might have some interesting things for other people. Anyhow you are also invited to comment on my posts if you like, in the hope that by knowing what you would like to hear from me, I could be able to reply and have a friendly discussion with you, and at the same time be able to improve my posts, based on your feedback. So don’t be shy let me hear what you would like to see written in my life story, in the hope that I can make them more interesting for you. You see, I believe that it is the duty of any man that wants to write something to do his best for his/her own readers, apart from the fact that I believe that it is the duty of any human being to write issues for the benefit of humankind, I am going to write an article within my next few posts called, ‘an old man life story’, where I am going to write an article about, “The duty of any man”, so that you can see what I mean; at this point of time, you might be asking yourselves, why I have been writing these articles in Hub Pages and I am going to explain it to you here-under. 
 Why I am writing articles in Hub Pages
The reason why I am writing these articles in Hub Pages
Now that I have welcomed you to my articles and introduced myself and other things, let me say why I am writing my first article in Hub Pages to start with; you see, I am not sure whether wanting to write has been dormant within me and now I have become aware of this desire to write something, in my old age; I suppose I am just like everybody else and I would like to write my own life story; or it might be because of the many things that I have learned during my life and for this reason today I wonder what I could do with all those things that I have learned during my life, as I feel that it would become a waste of my accumulated knowledge if I don’t use it anymore. So, I have decided to do something about it, because, not only it gives me the chance to tell you my own life story, but also because one should try to remember what one has learned and pass it on to the next generation if possible, therefore I am going to write my life experiences down for myself and my readers, as it might turn out to be useful one day. Now what I have just said is one reason why I am writing these articles in hub pages, but there are another reasons as well, or perhaps just an excuse if you like; you see, one of my last experiences is the following explanation:
But before I can explain everything, let me say something else, I have to say that I am not a real writer and I am still learning how to write properly these articles or posts, so let this learning of how to write properly begin and let me dream that I would be able to write good articles for my readers, of course this being a writer one might say that this is just a dream of mine, but let me dream it is nice to dream something that you would like to do anyhow, and now let me explain the other reason:
You see, I have a few friends and a cousin that are telling me all about their activities in Hub Pages, at this point of time they are writing about religions, which is an interesting subject to discuss and contribute, in the hope that you may say something useful for all humanity just like what I would like to do here, of course there are all those religious beliefs and not beliefs to discuss and here is their first article, which I believe I have contributed and this is the link,  Reconciliation forum, if you would like to check it out, of course this is their hub even though I have discussed these religious issues with them many times. Anyhow I don’t want to go the same way, since they are already covering that; so I have read a few articles here and there because I wanted to see how they were like and I believe that I could contribute something to this Hub Pages site by writing my own hubs about my life story and also writing general subjects, and perhaps be able to earn a few dollars if I am lucky, at least they tell you that it could be done.
I am saying this just because I have in mind to write and publish several articles that will deal in general subjects, perhaps I will have to write things about what I have done in life, like working in the farms when I was young, working in the building industry and my bricklaying trade, which some people might want to know a few things about it, not because they need to know what I have been doing during my life, but because they would like to know how these building things are done, so I would like to describe to them how these things are done as a trade person would do it, therefore, while I am doing these descriptions, I will also be telling you the story of my life, which would be the most important side of my articles for a while when I have not any other important things to say.
I would like to tell you the story of my life, because I think that it could be interesting to know and compare my life happenings with somebody else to see what we have done during our lives; you see, I am an old man now and I find that the way that we are living today is very different from the ways life was when I was young, so I feel some time that I want to tell the younger generation a story beginning with, when I was young; perhaps here I have to add this observation, that I am just like my older relatives who sometimes wanted to tell me their story starting with the words, when I was young. Anyhow I believe that today the difference in life style could be interesting to the public in general to know, in order to compare what sort of improvement we have had in the last three quarters of the last century. Well this is just one way of seeing it, because I believe that there could be many other ways to use the life story of an old man, which is indeed going to be the story of my own life, plus a few things borrowed from our previous generation. I know that these are old stories, and the younger generation live a different way today, but there might be something in my story that might interest even the younger generation, you never know. Well I believe that my articles would be able to highlight the difference, between the way that we live today and the way that we used to live in the past.
My personal beliefs are that today people are better off than they were in the past, at least that is the way that I see it. Of course some people may not agree with me, but that is their opinion and I am not going to challenge that.
Now, we could start to write about some other general writings; but I believe that this post is already long enough for today average readers; so, we will write about that in our next post. See you soon.      

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