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Raising the house

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Raising the timber house

This is the timber house that the owners have decided to raise re-stump and renovate, they also want to enclose it, so that they can have the laundry the garage and a few more rooms under the house.

These are works in progress; now, in order to understand fully what this photo is about you need to read also the text. Anyhow, here the steel beams have been set in place and bolted to the timber bears of the house. Because these steel beams can carry more weight at a longer distance, some of the post would be eliminated.

More works in progress; this photo was taken after the house was raised, the old stumps removed and the new stump foundation dug. There is indeed a lot of work involved, and only people with the know how and with a large gang of worker should attempt to do these works; just look at those big stack of timber that they use to hold the house safely up, while to work is being done under the house.

Raising the timber house
Dear readers this post is the continuation of our last post, house renovating, so let us see what is involved and who does these sort of work, because raising the house and re-stumping need to be done by experts.
These firms that raise the houses and also move them have a lot of heavy equipment, in our case that we have only to raise the house and re-stump it, and later on enclose it to make a few more rooms, and also a second bathroom and laundry, they are not going to use the big lorries to take the house away, but still there is a lot of work to do. In this hub we are going to follow the works in progress the best way we could, just to show you how this could be done easily, as long as the right people with the know-how and the right equipment are employed.
Anyhow the house remover team has come to do the work; they start by reinforcing the house with steel beams attached to the timer bears of the house. Then they make two rows of these piles made from squares block of timber as shown in the picture beside here, they place across these square timber piles or columns two long steel beams one on each side right through the house, they put these big jacks under this steel beams three or four of them on each side depending how long is the house is and they start working the jacks up. They work as a team and they all pump the Jacks up all at the same time, first on one side of the house and then on the other side of the house.
Once the house is raised to a certain level, they pack more timber on these square timber piles and work a way how to move the jacks to a higher level, once they have done that they start pumping the jacks up again, they will repeat this operation several times until the required eighth of the house is reached.
Now that I have told you all that, it does not sound that hard to do it, but in reality it is, because there is no room for mistakes, as a single mistake may put in endanger the workers that carry out this dangerous and hard job, because they are under the house while they are raising it. Also to do it, whoever does it needs a lot of material, see the large piles of timer columns made up from these large pieces of timber, they have to carry it around from job to job, not only that but also the large steel beams that they place under the house, so that they can use the jacks to lift the house, and all those jacks and other things. Anyhow the team that raises the house has successfully raised the house to the right level, and checked that the house is level, so now a different job needs to be done, to replace the stumps with steel columns, and then there are a lot of other things to do as well. 
Now that they have reached the stage to restump the house with steel columns, sometimes are the same people that continue to do this job and sometime another team might be required depending how this firm or builder works, and we will explain here under, what usually would happen.
 Earth work and steel columns
In this case under this house all the timber stumps had to be removed, and also, there was an old concrete floor that had to be completely removed and taken away, then the foundations for the steel stumps were dug, after that the steel stumps were fixed to the timber bears and the concrete poured after making sure that the building was level and at the right level. While the concrete is setting and becoming stronger as the time goes by, a steel worker is making these steel braces in a few places, as it is shown on the plan, these braces attach two columns one to the other, one end of the brace is attached near the bottom of one column and the other end at the top of the other column, a second brace is placed in the opposite way, so that the braces form like an X, this bracing makes the two columns very strong, because it transfer the strength of the concrete foundation of this column to the top of next column, in a lineal way.
After a day or two when the concrete foundations become strong enough to take the weight of the house and also the stress of any movement of the house above; the house remover will come back to remove their jacks, their steel beams and their piles of timber, then the house will be fully on the new steel columns.
Once the house remover team has taken away all their heavy equipment, the builder will come in and start by digging the rest of the foundations and concreting them as required; and then they work out of to lay a concrete slab under the house, of course this is a very short description of all the works required.
Anyhow this post seems that is becoming too long, so see you in our next post, where we will try to describe what could happen next.
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