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D I Y Brickwork

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Bricklayer is working while others are there just to be in the photo.

D I Y brickwork if you like ((article 1) also on my Yola website and blogger)

I hope to be able to help you, if you are building anything yourself. 

DIY Brickwork

My life in Australia as a bricklayer and what else I did to earn a living
For my entire life in Australia I have worked in house building or repair, but the best trade that I know is bricklaying as I have worked as a bricklayer most of my life, therefore, I would like to share my bricklaying knowledge with you, before I can share other knowledge that could be useful in life, since we all live in building accommodations, and therefore any knowledge of building a house, or maintaining the accommodation we live in could be helpful to most of us. So here and now, I am going to share this knowledge with you, in all aspect of building, repairing or owning a house; so let us start with building something with bricks, because as I have said I am a bricklayer.
But before we start that let me explain why I would like to do that; you see I believe that it is the duty of any human being to help humanity to improve their standard of living, (an article about this is written at this web address; , if it does not work from here try to Google it in Google search bar) therefore anything that one learns during one’s life should be passed to the future generations. I know that in the past some trade people tried to hold on their knowledge so that they would be employed if they were required to do certain jobs, but that is in the past and today that would not help much anyhow, so let me try to pass on some of my knowledge, starting with how a bricklayer would go about and build a brick base for a house.    

Building with bricks

Welcome to our article, DIY brickwork, or Building a brick base for houses. Perhaps we need to say that in this article, we would like to interest you our readers to learn at least in theory how to lay bricks, just in case you would like to do some brickwork yourself in the future, because if you do then you already have an idea what knowledge is required; therefore starting with this post we will be talking about brickwork; we will start with Getting ready to lay bricks; making sure that we start the brickwork level, and Laying bricks on a sloping site. Of course there is still a lot more to say about bricklaying, but this article might become too long to describe the many things that need to be said, so we are going to continue with DIY brickwork also in our several posts; Building a brick base and we will continue to write about brickwork until we complete the brick base at least, even if we have to write a few post about it.  

The Art of Laying Brick - YouTube

Here again there are two links that would be very helpful if they work, because one shows a bricklayer laying brick and explaining how it is done step by step; the other link shows photos of many types of brick walls already built, many types of bonds and also brick walls while they are being built, let us hope that these links works for you, if they don’t try to copy them in Google search bar and use Google engine to find them.
Building a brick base for houses  
Okay, I know that some of you are going to say that this article is not exactly what it claims to be, because it cannot really teach you how to lay bricks from scratch for an entire house base, as this takes a long time if you want to do it properly. So it should have been called with a different name, perhaps its name should have been, Building a brick base for houses, or how a bricklayer would build a house brick base for houses; since this is what really we are talking about in this article, but while I was writing this article it became obvious that I was going to write so many details that it was like teaching somebody how to do it yourself, so I changed the hub name to DIY brickwork. At this point of time my intentions are that I am going to write a few or several hubs mainly about brickwork as I have been a bricklayer most of my life, then I might also write other articles with whatever I know about other building trades like concreting and other helpful hints that might help whoever has the intention of building something themselves, I hope this would help my readers that are willing to have a go at building something themselves.
So, now let me go back to what I was going to talk about in this article, you see, in our previous article called, House building in Brisbane, we were explaining what we were doing on the building sites, and we had reached the point where we were ready for the bricklayer to start laying bricks working on the brick base of a house.
Now what is going to follow here is how we lay these bricks so to speak; I am also telling you that here I am not speaking any more with the knowledge of the brickies labour that I was, when I was getting everything ready for the bricklayers to start work, in our last hub called, House building in Brisbane, but I am speaking with the knowledge that I acquired when I became a bricklayer and later on in life during the long time that I have worked as a bricklayer, and I may add that what I am writing here can also apply to other brickwork in general terms, as bricklaying is a repetitive job and once you have acquired the skills how to do one job, you may easily use this knowledge to do a different job, so, DIY brickwork, is a possible name that I could have given also to this hub.
So now that I have explained myself, let me just take you step by step how the bricklayers have to work, when building these brick bases for houses, so that any of you that have in mind to do some of this bricklaying work yourself have some ideas of what you need to know, and here I am talking about the basic know-how that is required to lay bricks the right way, you see you need this basic knowledge because once you have laid the bricks and the mortar becomes hard it is a very hard and costly job to fix it, if you have made any mistakes. I have to say also that it is very easy to make mistakes here, unless you are an expert and really know what you are doing. So, let us follow how a professional bricklayer would start the house base, because there are a lot of things that must be kept in mind before you even start laying the first brick.
The most important thing is that you start laying the first brick in the right spot at the right level, and this should be done at the lowest point of the foundation wherever is practicable when the site is not level, otherwise you could encounter real problems later on; so, how we bricklayers go about to achieve that you may ask? Therefore, let me explain in our next post the procedure while we are getting ready to lay the first brick. 

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DIY Brickwork
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