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Where refugees come from

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Where refugees come from
Refugees use all sorts of opportunities to go where they think is safe for them to go. These refugees have embarked on a boat to cross the Mediterranean Sea. They are lucky, since there is already some people to help, as their vessel is overcrowded

Where refugees come from
Dear readers, this post is the continuation of our last post, homeless and refugees, where we were saying, there are too many refuges in the world, coming from different countries and background. Most of these refugees are just normal people that have become refugees, they never intended to become refugees, but they did, because they were pushed from unforeseen natural events or wars to become refugees. Now we could say that these are the real refugees, because they never wanted to be refugees, but they were forced to become refugees.  
There are also some would be refugees that we could say, they are not real refugees, because there has not been any sudden event that has pushed them out of their homes, and they were pushed to live in the streets. But what is happening here is that these people standard of living is generally poor, so, they are not happy with the way they are living their lives in their native countries, for this reason, they want to emigrate to another country because their countries are poor.
So, they willingly become refugees, hoping that they could emigrate to another country under the status of refugee, since if they are refugees usually they are being helped from the government of the country they go to, on humanitarian grounds.
Now that we have explained our views about the refugees, let us look at the countries that go to help the refugees. Because the countries that receive these refugees, should be careful, because there can be all sorts of refugees around, and some of them could be people with a violent reputation, which very likely one day could become terrorists. People that could become terrorist don’t need to be terrorist when they leave their native land, but, they could become terrorist, because the country they go to cannot give them what they imagined they could have. So, because their expectations are not met, some of them would become thieves and terrorist. Well at least this is how I see these refugees’ problems.
But why so many refugees.
Dear readers, as we have written in our article, Homeless and refugees,  today we should ask ourselves, why there are so many refugees in the world, because they seem to come from anywhere and they go everywhere, some of them are real refugees, as we have explained in our article, since they are running away from natural disasters, or some disasters caused by wars that mankind wages, for one reason or another, or just because they like to fight wars, for some useless ideology that they have, which today the rest of the world condemns, as being useless and harmful.
Anyhow, these wars that they are fighting seem endless, as they have been going on for years, and they are causing a lot of people to leave their countries and become refugees. Then there are the people that are not happy with what they have, in their own native land. So, they become refugees, not because they are real refugees that have been displace from a natural disaster or war, but because they believe that if they go to another country, they could live a better life. Now, we could say here that everybody has the right to look for a better life, but not at the expense of other people. I am saying that, because it seems to me that this is what is happening in the world today. So, let us talk about this worldwide problem.
We need to talk about this worldwide refugees problem, because they are already causing many problems wherever they go. You see, when people are displaced in large number, there are bound to be problems, because the countries they go to live in cannot cope with them, but not only that, they also carry with them the same attitude and their own problems that they had, in their countries of origin, so, most of the problems they are running away from will continue to stay with them; these problems could cause lots of trouble where they try to settle. But there is more to say here, because while I am writing this article, in Southern Italy two refugees have died in a fire, that has burned down their makeshift refugee camp.
The Italian authorities are investigating, and it looks like that some organized crime has been committed. They say that some corporals are involved, these corporals are people that illegally control the work of these refugees, since, they take these refugees to work in the farms around the camp for a fee. Something did not work their way, so they burned down the camp and two young people are now dead. I hope you see what we mean.
So, what can be done one may ask?
We will talk about this in our next post, where we are asking what could be done?
See you soon.
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Where refugees come from
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