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Cyber programs rip off problems

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Cyber programs rip off problems
I believe that computers are very useful devices, we can do a lot of things with computers, today there are many sorts of computers on the market. Some of which have been designated to do specific things. All computers needs to be programed to do certain things. So, we need specific programs to do specific things. The most popular computers are those computers that are programed to go on the Internet, and to be used in an office to write and to work out sums. There are programs designated to do that, but they cost money to install and use them. Sometimes we have problems with computers, they are jus like everything else, but they are too useful, so, we are stuck with them.
Cyber programs rip off problems
Computers and their costly problems
We are talking about computer's programs cost
Dear readers, today because of a few things that have happened to me, I am writing this post about Cyber programs, because I am having problems with them and they are costing me money. Because this is an issue that needs to be fixed, from the people in charge of those programs, I am going to post my article, in every forum that I can, in the hope that it will be noted from those people that can do something about it, this is the reason why, I am posting this post here today.
I believe that, if you must complain about things that happen on computers and on line, then the best place to complain is on line, because those are the people that could understand you. Also, they are the only people that could fix the problem you are having. This is what I am doing just now, with this article.
Dear readers, what I am writing in this post today, should interest everybody that uses a computer and goes online, because to go on line costs money. So, please read this post fully, and if you feel that you have been ripped off, from these cyber programs like I do. Please do your part and complain about it, just as I am going to complain in this article. I believe that it might help, if we do that together. Because some of the people that control these programs we need, they might read our complaints and do something about it.
But first let me say what I think about computers. I believe that the computer is one of the greatest devices invented by mankind, we should look at what they can do for us to convince ourselves, but they come at a cost, which sometimes we believe is more than what we thought it should cost us, so, we should look for ways how to keep these costs to a minimum. Yes, we should look for way to keep cost to a minimum, but that is not easy to do, as you are going to see for yourself, once you read this article, because of the several problems that we might encounter, to run our computers.
In my opinion, I believe that the computer is still a new devise, that we are slowly learning how to use it properly, for this reason we make mistake and these mistakes may cost us money, like I am experiencing right now, and most of us that use computers have experienced it, when we are using computers. However, they are very useful, as you would see from the following example: 
You see, I have posted this link above, to prove the usefulness of the computers, since from that link, you can visit other place on line easily. 
I hope that these issues that we are talking about here will improve with time, and to run a computer will be a lot cheaper and easier in the future. I am basing this hope from this personal observation; about the motorcars. You see, fifty years ago, if you had a car you would have experienced several mechanical breakdowns, that would cost money to fix them; but today cars are more reliable and they rarely breakdown, they are also a lot easier to use. So, I hope that this could happen also with the computers. Therefore, I believe that computers will be cheaper and more reliable in the future. Having said that, now let me go back to talk about my complaints that I have today.
Computer cyber programs rip off
You see, today I am going out of my way to complain about this issue. So, instead of writing about the refugees’ problems, as I have said in my previous article. I am going to complain about the computers cyber programs rip off, because I feel that I am being ripped off in many ways. I believe that most of us that use the computer are exposed to these risks, because soon or later we need to buy some software programs, for the computer to function properly.
Now, let me explain the situation. I believe that most of us would be glad to pay for those software programs that we believe we need. But what about those software programs that we don’t need, but slowly they have found their way in our computer, because they have popped up so many times on our monitor, advertising themselves as being useful for this and that, just to check them out we have looked at them and sometimes intentionally and at other times unintentionally these software’s have been downloaded to your computer.
Once that is done, we become aware that these software programs are not what we need, they are not free, as they made us believe at the beginning, and they would be costing us a lot more than what we thought, they could cost. So, we think that it would be better to delete them, before we pay. But, that cannot be done, because we cannot find a way to delete them, the more we look for ways to delete them, the more we are advised to add other things to it, that would cost us even more. In the end, they are so insisting and aggressive that somehow, we press the wrong key and they get paid.
Anyhow, we have tried our best and we have failed to save our money, so, we think that this is just one payment that we better forget about it, or perhaps try to resolve it somehow later, which could never happen, because you could not and would not find the way how to unsubscribe from these software programs. I believe that these programs have been made, in a way that they continually advertise themselves, as being useful, when we may not need them at all. So, we would like to unsubscribe, but as I said, when you look to unsubscribe, instead of finding how you could unsubscribe, they continue to tell us how good they are and the link to unsubscribe never come up. So, I wish that there was an easier way, how to unsubscribe from them, which I am going to suggest in this article, because I don’t like to be stuck with them, but there is even more bad news, as I will explain my situation here-under.
My situation with the cyber programs
Dear readers, what I am writing here, it is my personal situation, but if you think about it, this same situation could apply to any of us, when we use any software, on any device that needs software to function. Anyhow, today I am in a stressful situation, because I don’t want to pay for programs I believe I didn’t order and I don’t need. Now, because on the Internet, I could not find a way how to have my money back myself, from charges to my account incurred for programs that I wanted to unsubscribe since the beginning; I have gone to my financial institution and applied to have my money back. Just because I did that, now I cannot use my pay pal account for a while, since they register this as if somebody is using my pay pal account.
But the only people that are using my pay pal account are the greed merchants, which want me to buy their software every year, they don’t give me the chance to unsubscribe easily, because it is convenient for them, so, they are charging me for software I don’t want and don’t need, and sometimes even several time a year, I am paying for the same software. I know this sounds very unusual but this is what is happening to me. But how did all this misunderstanding situation occur one may ask? So, let me explain the way I see it.
In my case, this situation occurs, because there are times when I have been charged up to three times a year for the same program, as you know we need more than one software program to run a computer, so, there are times when this is very frustrating, of course, this situation to some of you might seem absurd, but this is what has happened to me several times already. So, I had to do something about it, and I did as I have said above, with some unforeseen consequences.
Now, before I say anything else, I must point out to you that today I have only one desk computer at my place. A couple of years ago, I had a laptop for a short time, but then I took it back to the shop, because there were too many problems with it. So, now I use only my desktop, which sometimes it plays up. There have been times when I had to restore it to make it work, but the restore points in this computer don’t work properly, so, sometimes I am forced to restore it to factory settings. When I do that, all programs are wiped out, so, I need to reinstall them back one by one, but that is not the only problem, the major problem here is that sometimes it is hard to make accept the old programs that I have already paid for to the computer. This is very likely the greatest problem, as I will try to explain here-under.
My cyber problems and my solution
So, as I have said above, I have many problems to solve with running my computer, here I would like to describe the rest of them and then suggest a solution, hoping that those people in charge come across what I have written and would do something about it, to make it easier for all of us that use computers.
Anyhow, let me start to point out again that today I have only ONE desktop computer, that I am using. But I believe that, because a couple of years ago, I bought an Acer laptop, but it was no good, so, after a couple of months, I took it back to the store for a refund. Anyhow, I think that while I had this Acer laptop, I have installed some software that even today I am being charged again and again, while this computer does not exist, and therefore, I cannot use them, because this computer does not exist, I cannot delete them either for the same reason.
But that is only one way to explain what is happening, but there is more to explain, because when I am forced to restore back to factory setting, when I reset the computer, it might be registered as if it is new computer, when in fact it is the same old computer, I try to reinstall the old software that I have already paid for, using those keys and number as I understand them, but sometime it does not work, so, I might end up to pay again for something that I had already. Anyhow, it is all a mess that costs me more money that normally it would cost, because I am paying for software programs that are installed on computers that do not exist. I hope I have explained it clear enough for people to understand my situation.
So, having explained the problems that I have with my computer, about the software programs that I am paying several times for the same thing, I wish that every time a software becomes due for renewal:
Those merchants that sell these software’s, would not just send me a reminder email telling me to pay; But, they should send me an email where I have a choice, and asks clearly whether I would like to renew my subscription, or unsubscribe from it, with links that would take effect immediately, once you have made your choice.
I believe that my suggestion, not only could solve most of my problems about paying for computer software that I don’t need, but it would also solve other people that have similar problems with computer software.
What I am asking above is only fair, after all, it is so hard to unsubscribe from anything, unless you can find that first email, when you subscribed the first time, or you are an expert about computers. I hope I have explained myself clearly and that somebody would take my suggestion earnestly.
This is all that I want to say today, while I am waiting for pay pal to reopen my account fully, so, I don’t have any more restrictions on it, and I can pay my software when they are due, because today I have already Microsoft Office overdue and I need that program on this computer.  
See you soon in my next post. Which we will go back to talk about, my harsh destiny.       
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Cyber programs rip off problems
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