Tuesday, February 7, 2017

President Trump and the protesters

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President Trump and the protesters
This new President Donald Trump, seems to me that he wants to run America like a corporate company, He behaves like a dictator by signing many documents that give him temporary power to do whatever he wants to do. But whether he has all that power is still to be seen. One thing is for certain, people are protesting about it.

There are a lot of people that don't like President Trump, so, they protest about it as often as they can, hoping to achieve something from their protest. But is it going to work, one may ask. I say that, very likely it is not going to work, so, they are wasting their time. President Trump is a hard man to convince in anyways.

What about the protesters
Dear readers, this post is the continuation of our last post, let us follow president Trump, where we said that we are going to write about the protesters that don't want Trump for president. Because there have been so many people protesting everywhere, because they don’t want Donald Trump for president, so, we believe it is worth talking about it, just to state our point of views.

Now, who are most of the protesters? Here we can only guess that the protesters are mostly poor people that usually don’t have a job, so, they would protest just about anything, as if it is their job to protest. They protest because, they would like to have a government that looks after them first. Therefore, they fear any sort of government that has no real policies to help them, so, they start to protest as often as they can, to make sure that everybody knows about what they need, and hoping that they do something about it.
We could say that they are protesting, because Donald Trump policies are in favour of the working people and the rich people, since he wants to get the economy working again, but the protester don’t see it this way, they only see that he is not wanting to look after them, and theretofore they protest.
I believe that it is too early to say anything about what Trumps wants to do, and above all how whatever he does is going to affect everybody else. Talking about the protesters, they only see the negative part of it, because they are not the centre of attention. But if we look at the greater picture, it may turn out okay for everybody. You see, if Trump’s policy brings lots of work and wealth to America, then because there is a lot more to go around, even the poor people would be better off. What I have just written may or may not happen the way I have said. Since what I wanted really to say is this; President Trump vision of a rich and powerful America is worth to try.
So, in my personal view today, the protesters are making a mistake to protest about Trump policies, because after all it might turn out to be all right for everybody. What I have said above, is how everything was a few days ago when I started writing this article. Today it seems worse. Because Donald Trump has signed a document that banns some people from entering America, So, there are again a lot of protesters in the street of America and even other countries. I wonder how all this is going to end.
President Donald Trump thinks that he can run the USA as he likes, just because he has been elected President, but I wonder if that is the right thing to do, my views are that he may encounter some problems there. But we need to wait and see what happens next.
Today I am running out of time, but I believe that there might be a lot more that we could say, about the way Donald Trump is running America, which we will continue to talk about in our next post called, President Donald Trump, my views. 
See you soon.
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President Trump and the protesters
Next time with, President Donald Trump, my views

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