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My harsh destiny

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In life there might be a thing called destiny, which we might have without knowing it. If there is, then my destiny is a harsh destiny.

My harsh destiny
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As I was saying before, when we are born in a family that event somehow decides also our destiny, because of the way that family lives and have lived perhaps for centuries; but there is more to say about our destiny, because some of us would like to believe that we are born with a destiny to fulfil, and if it is so, then my destiny is not a bright one, because from the beginning of my life I have had a hard life and this has continued during my life, perhaps it will still continue until I die, but anyhow let us go back to my life story in the farm, whether it was my destiny or not.
As I have already mentioned above about my own farm life when I was young, and there I reckon and feel that it was really unfair to my personal self, and to those youths that had to live in the farm as I did, this fact of life I will continue to describe to you at length and in depth as I keep writing on, since the main point that I want to make here is to show you how I had to struggle and to suffer while I was living in the farm, and even later on in the future as we will see, from these articles that I am writing. In fact, for me life was going to be much harder than I thought, since that way of life which I had lived in the farm had left me so far backward, because of that isolation that existed in the farms, I even lacked in local general knowledge about the people of the town, and also in communication skills including all those nice things that a person says and does, which would make that same person attractive to the rest of the community.
Here I have also to say that this early disadvantaged way of life has affected me greatly for the rest of my life, and although I have tried to improve myself during my life, I have never been able to catch up with the rest of the world completely. So that, I feel it within me even now, as if I will never be completely satisfied with myself, because I think that I could have been better off, if I had a different and better way of life when I was young to start with.
But since what’s been done is done, so, one cannot go back and do it in a different way, therefore, I am/was stuck with it. Therefore, I had to put up with my backward way of life; and I had to accept that the only possible way that was left for me to earn a living for the rest of my life, had to be that I had to do hard physical work, which I did in a way or another and this hard work has helped me to overcome some of my drawbacks. From this life experience one could say that we should always try to improve ourselves and work hard for it, even when it is hard for us to find an easy way of life, if we are able to keep this attitude and work hard during our lives, we would be able to overcome many issues that could otherwise run us down completely.
Now let us continue to tell my life story; anyhow, at the time when all this hard and boring life was happening to us, including all those young people which used to live and work in this town’s farms, doing this same work as I did, and I have to say that it all seemed normal to us, because even our forebears before us did that, as they had all lived this same way for centuries before us.
As I was saying also my forbears used to live in this town that I was born, and in which I had to live my youth just like them. But, most of my youth and I mean the most important years of my young life, which is the time when a youth would be better off to stay in a society and learn the ways of that society, and at the same time try to find out the meanings of life, which would help him to learn how to deal with his life in the future in the society that we would be living in; all those years were spent to live in our family farm and not in the town itself, and this did put me in a disadvantaged position from the very start, as I have already mentioned before, all because everything in the world was changing too fast and farming the old way was on the way out.
Anyhow, because of the changes that happen in life, some of us youths that did live this hard life in our family farm, would try to change it, if we could. So, I was one of those youths that did just that. So, I am going to tell you this in my next post, Breaking away from my farm life.
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My harsh destiny


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