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Let us follow President Trump

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Following President Trump

The new president of America Donald Trump, has a vision to make America great again. This may sound strange and useless to some people, in fact some people might even think that it could be disastrous, perhaps just because they are not the beneficiaries. Our personal views here are this: if he succeeds to make America great again, then a lot of benefits would follow in America and perhaps in some other parts of the world as well.

Let us follow President Donald Trump
Dear readers, some time ago we published an article about the outgoing President of the United States Barack Obama. Where we were pointing out in this hub Obama problems, what we thought he has missed out fixing properly and other things while he was in office.
Today we would like to follow and see what the new President Donald Trump does after being sworn in as the 45th President of the United States of America. Anyhow, I know that most of you might say that this is not really your business, because I am not an American and I live in Australia, but so what, even if I live in Australia, what President Donald Trump does would interest me, because it could affect a few things even in Australia. As we all know whatever America does affects the rest of the world, this could be in a positive way as well as in a negative way, so, everybody could be interested in what President Trump does. After all, in the world there are a few people that are very powerful, they are like Gods, except they don’t have super spiritual powers, because they are just people, so it is worth following them.  
In my own personal views, if anyone is interested in following how the world could end up in the future, there are two people that you should constantly follow. One should follow the President of the United State, because it is leading the most powerful nation on earth, and number two, you should follow the pope as he is the most powerful religious person in the wold, even though he is head of the smallest state on earth. Anyhow, this is my view, which would be the views of most people living in the western world, of course one should also follow the authorities of the land you are living in and other things.           
So, let us follow what President Trump will do in the next few days for a start.
In the US happening now
There are a lot of people in the US that like President Trump and a lot of people that don’t like him, so, the United State of America are split in half, because of this split, it is going to be interesting to see what is going to happen during Trump presidency. Right from the first day in office as President, some people are protesting in many US cities and in the world, because they don’t like the policies of President Trump, so, they are doing anything hoping that they could stop Trump carrying out his policies. But President Trump does not take notice of what they are doing, so he carries on and does what he believes he should do. Now, he has already signed many documents to start changing those things that he believes they need to be changed, he wants to run America in a different direction, and put America first, which he has made it clear to the voters from the start, so, he is going to go ahead and do just that, after all he has been voted in on those policies. But let us look at the different policies, that we can see from what we have learned about President Trump and the outgoing president Obama.
President Trump policies are more nationalistic than the former President Barak Obama, who seemed to like globalization policies, which today are a world trend presently, but Donald Trump does not like that , because that would make America weak, as they prefer to help the poor individuals that most time don’t even work, instead of the working class that by working and producing goods they would make America stronger  so, since he has won the presidential elections he is going to run it his own way. He might be able to do that by forcing the rich people to invest in America, instead of going outside America to find cheap labour, which would be a very good thing for the American people, since they would have more work and more money to go around.
If it works out that way and there is more money around, then President Donald Trump has the right policies and he is the right man for the job. Because when there is enough money around, even the poor that seem left out of Trump’s policies will get the benefit. 
Well, this is not as easy as it sounds, because there are still many people protesting his winning the Presidential elections, so there are a lot more problems to solve, which we will be talking in our next post, talking about the protesters. 
See you soon.   
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Let us follow President Trump
Next time with, Talking about the protesters

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