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An old man life story

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An old man life story

In the old times our grandma used to tell us children stories, they did not read the story from a book as it is done these days; but they new by heart a few stories that were very handy to tell the children to keep them interested and quiet.

An old man life story

Dear readers, this post is the continuation of our last post, some other general writings, where we began telling you about, an old man story, so, let us start the story right away; because there are a few things that we could tell you.

An old man life story

Let me tell you a story and transport you to another place and to another time, at the time when I was a young kid and my mother or my grandma in the evening would tell me a story just to keep me happy and go to bed and sleep.

Oh my god! What did I say? Tell you fairy tales that the elders of my time were telling me when I was a young kid; no, sorry my dear readers I have made a mistake and I apologize, because you see today I don’t remember much about those stories that the elders of my time were telling me, even though those stories seemed very interesting to us kids then; here I need to tell you that in those times mothers and grandmothers had always a story to tell the kids, it was the only way to keep us kids quiet as there was no TV and most time not even a radio for miles, the only news in those times were in the newspapers, if one could borrow it from somebody that could afford to buy it, the rest of the news were the local news that the people of the town would tell each other, so that they would know what was happening around them, so people would pass them around by word of mouth. Anyhow the stories that these old ladies would tell us were as good as any other story, and if the famous Brothers Grimm had known them they would have written them in their stories book. The Annotated Brothers Grimm : Jacob Grimm, Wilhelm Grimm

Here I would like to point out that a lot of things have changed since I was a kid, but I still remember lot of things that I would like to tell you, so let me go on. Now that I happen to be talking about the mothers and grandmothers of those times, I would like to add how they worked hard to keep kids quiet in those times, we will come to talk about my life story soon, as soon as I finish telling you this old fact of life; because here I would like to add something else that today does not happen anymore in the western world, I am saying the western world because what these old ladies were doing then might still be done in very backward countries today one can never know; I can just imagine that there might still be a few places where progress as not taken place, and therefore people are still using those skills that their forbears have used for centuries or even thousands of years.

Anyhow let me describe to you what these old ladies did to put a child to sleep, they would take the child in their arms sit on a sturdy chair and sing a lullaby while they were rocking the chair until the child would go to sleep, or do the same thing by putting the child in a rocking cradle and rock the cradle and sing a lullaby, those times were a lot harder than today for young mothers as you can see for yourself, not only they had to look after the child, but they had also wash everything by hand as there were not any washing machine, or any throw away paper devises that would keep the child clean, so, they had to rely or their skills that they had picked up from their elders and work hard to keep things going properly.

Today is a lot easier for a young mother, because of the washing machine and other things that make life less stressful, even singing lullaby is gone out of fashion, perhaps it is because there is so much music songs and everything else around us, so, singing lullaby is out of fashion, and for this reason you cannot hear any mother singing their lullaby to their child in any town, I guess that even in the country outside towns they don’t sing anymore, it is the sign of the time people are not born singers, those young mothers were singing then because they had to, it was their job to keep their children quiet even if their singing was out of tune as long as their child was satisfied. You see children are attention seeker and they were happy as long as they knew that there was somebody looking after them, and to hear their mother singing to them and rocking them would satisfy them and fall asleep. Anyhow this is how it was done in those old days.
I think I have said enough in this post, so we will continue with it next time, when I have time to write another post, starting with, my life story. See you then.  
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