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Mix your own cement

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Mix your own cement

Learn to use basic cement building materials:

Dear readers, this article about mix your own cement is a very long article that deals about mixing concrete and other things used in the building industry, so we are going to break it up and write e few posts that are more readers friendly and compatible with the average blog readers of today, so, if you like to follow us you need to read a few posts that we are going to publish in the near future:
Anyhow, we could say that we have called this article, “mix our own cement”, when in reality we could have called it ‘mix your own concrete’ because that is the real name that we use in the building trade, but for the people that are not in the building trade, when they think about concrete and other cement products, the first word that comes to their mind is cement.
Anyhow here we are going to mix other building things as well, and the name mix your own cement covers them all. So, here we are inviting you to learn how to use and recognize the most basic concrete building materials and other materials that are used together with Portland cement, so that you might be able to do many cement (concrete) things yourself. 
The reason why we are writing these posts here about how to mix your own cement (concrete), it is because we would like to pass our knowledge of how these things were done in the past and even today; we would also aim this article to those people that are willing to do some building themselves and they need just a bit more knowledge to give them the courage to do it; and last but not least to those people that live in poor countries, where building skills and material are scarce and therefore they need a bit more knowledge to do some building themselves, as long as they can buy some Portland cement and/or lime to mix it with; so in a way this article is a D.I.Y article that could benefit some people in the community, at least we hope that it would.

This is a small concrete or mortar mix that is used on the building sites, it would help to mix all ingredient together to a very good standard, if you know what to do with it.  

This article “mix your own cement” (concrete) is going to be a long and detailed way of how to make concrete from scratch using Portland cement and the other basic materials required, we will also describe how to mix mortar for the bricklayer and cement plaster, just by using the most basic building materials and mixing them with Portland cement and/or lime. We will describe how this is done today and most of all we will be describing how these things were done in the recent times, because we believe that it could be helpful even today to know that. We believe that in the world there are places that could use the old procedure and we can even use it ourselves, when the modern ways are not readily available or they are too expensive to use, because of where you happen to be, or for other reasons. 
We have to say that today building anything has become a lot easier, because most things that we need are ready made for us to use, provided we are living in a city or large town in the western world and also in many other parts of the world. In our case we are talking about how to use cement and the many things that we could do with it: Now let us suppose we need some concrete, we can order it and have it delivered whenever we want it, it is this simple, and many other things we can buy or order as long as we are in the right places and have money to pay for it.
But these things were not so in the past, in the past people that were building had to have their own skills how to mix their own concrete, how to mix their own mortar and many other things, and sometimes they had even to find the building materials themselves, before they could even start to build anything, they were not easy times and people in the know tried to keep their knowledge for themselves. But today it is completely different some of the knowledge they had and kept to themselves has become completely insignificant compared to the things that we know and do today; so to keep any knowledge for your own self might be the wrong thing to do, because it is not going to help you, but it could help some people if it becomes common knowledge.
You see, what we are talking about here is not like a secret recipe to make something special and you are the only person that knows it and you believe that one day you could make money from it, no it is not like that at all; what we are talking here is common knowledge that lots of people know already, but because things are changing this knowledge does not mean much to those that know it anymore, but it could be very useful for those people that don’t know yet, because they might happen to be in a different part of the world or they just don’t know and would like to know, how these things are done.
Therefore, today we are afraid that some of those personal skills that the average building bloke needed in the past are becoming things of the past, so, one day all these known skills could be lost and/or only a very small amount of people will know them, so we would like to write these building skills down, so that some people may still use them if and when the need arises.
So, this article here is being written in the hope that our article could help those poor people that are not aware that they could be able to build a better place for themselves, if they are be able to learn and recognize the very basic materials they need to use for building these better places for themselves.
Most of the building materials that we are talking about here are available anywhere in the world, because they occur in the natural state as they are part of this great planet earth, so what are those building materials you may ask?  And also how we mix them you would like to know, so here under is a link from YouTube that shows you how to mix concrete;

How to Mix Concrete by Hand - YouTube

We would like also to point out with these photos here under what is available in Brisbane Australia, and then we will talk about those building materials that occur anywhere in the world, in our next post. See you later.  


These are some concrete plants in Brisbane Australia, you are able to order any amount of concrete from these plants and they deliver it on your site with these concrete trucks.   
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