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The advantages to own a property

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The advantages to own a property
One of those old houses build in the sixties, they were built for the average workers, so that they could afford them, most people start with a hose like that; sometimes they are doing well in life and they are able to upgrade to a larger and luxurious house. Remember that it is the first house that is hard to buy.


The unseen advantages to own a property
In our last post, we were discussing finance and what would be safe to borrow. With this post let us discuss what you could gain by buying your own house, you see there are real gains to make if you make an effort to buy your house; first of all you become more independent as you don’t have a landlord to answer to if you want to do something out of the ordinary; but that is not the main advantage, because we are sure that once you own your house you are going to behave just like any landlord does, so you are not going to do any of those stupid things that some tenants do and believe that they have a right to do it, just because they have paid the rent; you see, the main advantage is financial gains and independence and also you would feel proud of owning a property, because you have achieved something worthwhile in your life, but how does it work you may ask?
Here above we have written about a few things that you need to know, before you go out to buy your own house or whatever property you can afford, we have also discussed how much it could cost you, what we have not mentioned is that repaying your loan becomes easier with the passing of time, and this is one of the main gains that property owner would achieve with the passing of time. You see the loan repayment do not go up like the rent does every now and then; so because the loan repayment would remain the same until the full loan is repaid, at least this is what should generally happen, repayment become easier after a few years.
Because, with the passing of time everything goes up, but your loan repayment remain the same, therefore it become easier and easier to repay the loan, because your earning goes up at least as much as the inflation, this is the first thing that a new owner notices with the passing of time, but there are more advantages than just this issue.
Now, because you earn more money, you could afford to repay your loan sooner, but first of all make sure that you have everything else that you need to buy before you do that, because the home loan is the cheapest money you can get in terms of charging interest, once you have done that, go ahead and pay your home loan as soon as you can.    
Another one of the advantages that most of us don’t note is the increase in the price of the property, this increase is a very positive advantage for the property owners, if you talk to any real estate agent in Australia, they will tell you that in this part of the world, properties double in price in about seven years, so in seven years time you would have gained at least on paper all the increase in price that has gone up, in some cases it could indeed be twice as much, even though it is the same property that you bought seven years ago, I hope you see what we mean here.
Now, let me explain what I believe and what one should do if you are able to save some money, first of all try to buy your own house and pay it off; and then if one day after you have paid your house, you are able to save more money, it might be worth to invest in real estate again, because price in real estate will continue to go up.   
This is all for the time being, I will come back to edit this post one day, if I think I have to add more information or something else, I will do so.
Today we have found something in the Internet that should be interesting to would be home buyers, so we would like to past the link here, for you to check it out; Things You Should Check Before Buying A Home, we hope the link works for you.

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