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The Italian problem

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The Italian problem

Dear readers, I have written this article in Hub Pages, but, I am removing this article from Hub Pages and publishing it here, because it seems to me that it does not belong to the main religious philosophy that I am writing there, I know that this can also be a public issue, but it is not the same as religions. So, I am writing a complete new blog about it.
This public issue that I am writing here should concern first of all the Italians, just because this is the reason that I am writing it, so, let us say what we have to say:
There are many problems in the world and particularly Italy that should concern all Italians, but not only the Italians should be concerned, because this is a worldwide problem and therefore all citizens’ of the world should be concerned also, or at least all Europe, since what is happening in Italy it is happening because this massive amount of people are moving from the continent of Africa to Europe. So let us see what is happening today in Italy that should concern us all.
As we have said, first and foremost there is this problem of illegal emigrant that come to Italy by boat, they come in by thousands, at the moment they estimate that there are up to 600,000 that is well over half a million people that are waiting on the coast of Africa to migrate illegally to Italy presently; the world needs to know that Italy is not a rich country and therefore cannot cope with all this incoming illegal migrants, when we look at history of the Italian people, Italy has never been able to take in migrants, in fact the Italians had to migrate to other countries to find a better standard of living if they could. But everybody seems to forget that and they aspect that Italy copes with all these illegal migrants. So all the Italians need to be concerned, because this problem is not going to go away and it might create a lot more problems, as more migrants come in and the system might completely breaks down. Just see what is already happened and see how the world reacts to the Italian, this below is how the media portrays Italy, and I quote:
Italy is failing North Africa’s refugees
The North Africa refugee camp in Lampedusa presents a crisis- but there is nothing ‘humanitarian’ about Italy response (end of quote)
Okay, Italy might not have done what the world wants from Italy, but if they have done their best that should be acceptable to the world, you see Italy seems to have more problems than some better off countries. So whoever is not happy they can volunteer to do the job themselves, this is my own personal view of course, because I can see this problems in a different way than other people, because I happen to be an Italian that had to legally migrate to Australia in the early sixties. So I feel that the Italians are being criticized more than they deserve. Just see what is happening over there, it is like a modern exodus.

Modern exodus
The Italian Navy warns of “Biblical exodus” from North Africa to Italy and other European countries through the Mediterranean Sea.
The entire world should not talk about Italy not doing enough, because they need first to look at what is really happening; and then if they want come and give a hand to help the Italian that are doing what they could. What is happening has been described that it resembles a biblical exodus; Admiral. Giuseppe De Georgi said that his ship has recued 18,546 illegal migrant, since October 2013 after the death of 364 migrant when their bout caught fire last October. Early in April 1014- four thousand migrant were rescued in 24 hours; it is believed that there are 600,000 migrant preparing to sail from Africa to Italy and other country around the Mediterranean Sea. So, the Italian are doing what they can.
To have a better picture of what is happening here are a couple of links and some photos to show you what we mean;
09 April 2014
03 Jan 2014
Now if you have been able to open the links and have read their article content, then you will know that it is an enormous problem, and that the Italians alone cannot solve it, the entire world needs to step in and try to solve this world wide problem. It is my humble opinion that no country should be left alone in cases like these.
Today it seems that Italy is the preferred place for these refugees, tomorrow it can be somewhere else; now, we say refugees because some of them are real refugees, but we feel that there is a lot of them that just run around the world to find a better life for themselves and they don’t care at all if in the process they inflict damage to the rest of the world peaceful communities. One has to look at what is happening in Rome to see what we are talking about.
Protest in Rome Italy

This is just another problem facing Italy today, people protest and they want all sorts of things from the government, these protests sometime turn violent and causalities occur apart from arrests and confrontation with the Italian police, as it has happened recently the 12 of April 2014, where there were some of the protesters themselves being injured and there were 20 injured officers as well.
Now as an Italian that had to migrate to find a better life for myself in Australia, I have always believed that one has to work and work hard if one wants to have a better life anywhere in the world, but today protesters want everything done from the government. They even shout that they want a house, but has anyone ever told them that to build a house to give to them there must be somebody that has worked on that house to give to them, and therefore it would only be fair that they work their own way up, because one needs to contribute to the community before the community can give something back to you, it is only fair and just to do that, is it not? You see if nobody contributes, then whatever is there will be used and when that is used there will be less and less to go around, so everybody will be a bit poorer.
Discussing what could be done
Now, what we are going to write here might seem a bit heartless, because it might seem that it is being written against the needy, but it is not; because today just about everybody receives some help from the government, today it is not like the late forties or fifties when most of us had to look after ourselves and the very poor would be happy if they were assured that they could feed themselves, even if it was the bare minimum, as long as it was some wholesome food to fill their stomachs they would be happy; but today it is not like that and the poor people want to live a life of luxuries better than the hard working people and the rich.
Now, let us talk about this help that they are receiving from the government. This help can only be given to them if the government is able to afford it; as we all know most governments of today have a tax system that takes some money from the richer side of society and gives it to poorer side, this is a very good way of adjusting the quality of life of everybody, but it can only be sustained if the people that do not contribute to the welfare of the state by working would accept a lower standard of life of the people that contribute by paying their taxes, what we are saying is only fair, because if the people that don’t work are better off than those that work, then there is no incentive to go to work and feed somebody else mouth, so soon or later it will result in chaos.
After democracy there is chaos
What we are going to say here next is the hidden dangers of today government, we all know that the republic is the best government for the people, because it has been elected by the people and it will answer to the people in the next election, but the republic or democracy as they call it today has got a weakness, because it gives too much freedom to the people without giving them firm directions and this could result in a break down and then chaos.
Now, the Italian government should really thing it over what they are doing, because from this side of the sea, as I happen to be overseas in Australia and it seems to me that they are being too soft towards migrant and poor people that protest, now if they continue to do that Italy would be lucky if it escapes a major disaster

Anyhow I am going to say more next time, see you soon

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