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Work opportunity in Australia

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When I came to Australia in the early sixties I found a job in the building industry and then learned my trade as a bricklayer.

Work opportunity in Australia

Or; is Australia sill the land of opportunities? 
Let us compare the opportunities that we had in the past to today opportunities that exist in Australia, because we would like to ask: Is Australia still the land of opportunities as it was in the past? So, let us look at the old opportunities and let us look at how those opportunities played a part in the lives of those people that migrated to Australia in the sixties or there about. Then let us see these same migrant what they say about the opportunities that they had compared to today opportunities. 
We believe that every one of us migrant have a story to tell about the opportunities that we had when we came to Australia, and we are sure that some of us had better opportunities than others, so we are pretty sure that everyone have a different story and different views of the past, according to our experiences and work that we did; but let me tell you my own story, so that you can see my experience the same way as I have seen it and compare it to today’s opportunities.
If I were to use only my experience in Australia as a standard, we will have to say that Australia opportunities today are not as good as they used to be, because things have changed a lot since we came to Australia. Now if we would like to compare the fewer opportunities that are still available today, with what used to be available in the sixties I am going to write the opportunities of the sixties in my life story, just the way I have seen them happen to me personally and to the other people that came to Australia in the early sixties, and then, my life story opportunities could be compared with what is available today; but first of all let us start with what people think about Australia today.
Today, everybody in the whole wide world thinks that Australia is still the land of opportunities, and that is the reason why people are still trying hard to migrate to Australia; but, are all those opportunities there still one may ask? Or is it just a myth now and the opportunities that existed in the past do not exist any longer, or they are a lot less than they used to be especially for those unskilled people that are coming to Australia these days.
Having been a migrant myself a long time ago in the early sixties, and being in a way lucky to find some relative that helped me to settle here in Australia, I know that migrating to another country is not an easy thing to do specially if there is no one waiting for you and help you when you arrive, and it is even harder if you don’t speak the language of the country you are migrating to, but today there is a great movement of people throughout the world that migrate from one country to another, and a lot of people want to come to Australia one way or another, they even risk their lives during their journey, boarding unseaworthy boats that might just break up and disintegrate in the ocean. 
Therefore, when I hear or see people migrating today like desperados that want to reach Australia at all cost, I always go back mentally to the times when I legally migrated myself and think what I could and would have done if there had been no one to help me when I arrived in Australia; here I should say that just thinking about it makes me shudder, so, to see these people these days trying to come by boat illegally and knowing that they may not be welcome here make me wonder how desperate they are to try to migrate at all cost; they must be really desperate to try to migrate this way. But then, there is also this other reason, as everybody thinks that Australia is the land of opportunities.
Looking at what is happening these days we know that the world has got a real problem with people migrating to other countries like Australia, as we all know, here in Australia we are very upset about those people coming in by boats, and we would like to stop them and even send them back where they came from. Now, here I need to say that in Europe is even worse with people coming in from North Africa every day, they are so many that is hard to count them and we might have a guess and say that the same amount of people that migrate illegally to Australia in a year may migrate to Europe in a week or even less than that. But anyhow here we are not going to talk that much about illegal migrants, because we want to talk about if Australia is still the land of opportunities.

But, is Australia still the land of opportunity?

In this case we have to ask; is Australia still the land of opportunities today?
As I have already said above, if I have to use my own personal experience as a standard, then I have to say that today in Australia work opportunities are not as good as they used to be. But then not everything is or might be as it seems to be to me, because my judgment is that of a single person and therefore I might be wrong.
Anyhow let us try to see what has changed since I came to Australia. What is really changed is the fact that today we do not need as many hands to do a job as we used to on the past, because a lot of the labour is being done from machines, therefore people that have no skills and rely only on their physical strength are not in high demand, for this reason there are a lot less jobs available for these people, but if people have a trade or have studied there may well be opportunities for them.
Now that I have explained the main part, allow me to go back to the days when I came to Australia, so that I can tell you what sort of opportunities existed then, and then we might be able to compare with what is available today.
In order to understand what I am going to say next, it is important also to know that economies and for that matter opportunities for jobs have high and lows of their own, therefore this effects everybody around.
Now if you do not mind let me tell you my own experience when I came to Australia, because this is probably the only way that we might be able to compare the opportunity situation.
There have been times in Australia when everybody had a job, so there was no unemployment at all, from stories that I have been told from people that were already here when I came, there have been times that the employers had not enough employees and they would go down to the wharf's when the ships arrived and select a few people that seemed good enough for them to do their jobs, therefore, in those days there were no unemployed people, but unfortunately those times did not last long, as I said working opportunities go up and down.
Now to compare those times in the sixties with today’s’ opportunities, we are going to describe to you in our next post part of my own life story, what I found easy or hard to cope with when I came to Australia, and then how I was able to cope with the hardship of those times and the way that those things became solved, as this is the only way that I know how to measure, if Australia is still the land of opportunities. So see you with our next post, Compare work opportunities

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