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Dreams explanation

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When we dream we may dream very strange things, but usually dreams have their own meaning, and we need to say that everyone of us has his/her own explanation, I have my own explanation as you will see when you read this post.

Dreams explanation
My dream number 6 and dreams explanation
After all those important dreams that we have already posted in this blog, we would like to explain what these dreams could mean, but first we want to tell you another dream that is a bit confusing at the moment, but it could mean something of importance in the future.
Again here I am running away from danger, but I don’t know from whom, in the end I am standing on a boundary wall, and by looking down I can see a group of soldiers standing within the precinct, I believe that these soldiers want to capture me, one of these soldiers that I see is somehow a friend of mine, so I try to catch his attention, and when I did, I tried to talk to him by just looking at him and not saying a word, but just thinking what I wanted to say to him, he seemed to understand everything that I wanted to communicate. So he communicated it to his commander, who then looks at me, and we communicate in the same manner. And all is solved by this strange way of communication.
If this dream is futuristic: Does this dream mean that one day some chosen people will be able to communicate in a telepathic manner.
Here I will stop talking about my many dreams and go back to talk about the first dream.
Since the day that I dreamed my first religious dream that I have written in this blog, I have been thinking what does my dream mean, and I have come to the conclusion that my dream may have many meanings, for example:
(1) My dream may mean that I am a really good and lucky fellow, because I have seen God in my dreams, and even if it was just a dream, to dream about God, is the greatest dream that one can ever have.
(2) My dream may mean that my subconscious was worried at that time, and led me to dream this dream about God, because I had to find a way out of my fear of dying suffocated at night. Remember that one night when I got really sick, I felt as if there was an evil spirit that wanted to suffocate me. So in order to find my courage again and fight back, with my scared inner thoughts, my subconscious had to find a way out, and dreaming about God and God touching me, this would give me protection from God, and no evil spirit would dare to touch me if I was protected by God, because this would put that evil spirit right where it belongs.
(3) My dream may mean that; really there was an evil spirit that wanted to harm me that night, and because in God’s strait ways it should not have happened; God came into my dream and touched me to set things running the way that they should have been running.
(4) My dream may mean that I had to go through extreme pains in the future, and God knowing that came into my dream to help me and give me strength, because to survive extreme pains one needs to believe in the highest hope, and God being the highest hope possible came into my dream, as if He wanted to say to me, believe in me if and when you suffer and I will help you overcome your pains, because I am your Father and I am also your friend. So if you believe in me I’ll be able to help you.
(5) My dream may mean the forecast of the hard life ahead of me, since there is a saying that says; only him and God knows how hard his life really is! And this saying applies to me perfectly; because after the dream, my life has really been hard for a very long time. And in the dream there is also the forecast of my wife living me, which has really happened even if it does not seem to be so evident. Because my wife only pretends to be my wife, but she is not my wife anymore of her own free choice, and that’s the way that she wants it to be.
(6) My dream may mean anyone of these suppositions above or all of them together and perhaps even more. But I have to stop thinking about what my dream may mean, and I have to think about what this dream has meant to me until now.
I want to tell you that to dream about God is a very important and potent dream, and such a dream has the capacity to even change many things in the life of the dreamer. So if I say that this dream has changed me, you’d better believe me because it has.
For a start I am a believer now more than I have ever been before my dream, and the more I think about my dream the more I believe in God. So now because I believe in my dream, God expects me to believe in Him, and follow His Commandments. And therefore because of my dream I believe in God more than ever now, and I also believe in the Afterlife. As anyone can see this is the reason why this dream is slowly changing my life.
I also believe that, since God came into my dreams, if I live according to God’s will, I will have a good chance to be within God’s presence when I will pass away.
Therefore now, because of my dreams about God, nowadays I am a real believer and I am praying again; and the following list of prayers are most of my prayers, which I pray to God at least one of these prayers every day, but usually I end up by praying most of them every day of my life. There are lots more prayers in my writings, which may change a bit from time to time according to the needs of the day, and some of them are not written in this list but are to be found somewhere else in my writings.
There are a few more spiritual dreams that I could tell you, but I am not going to.
I want only to ask you, after all these God sent dreams; do I have gained enough insights to write God's things? What do you say to that?
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