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Dreaming God has affected me

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Dreaming God has affected me.

What a shock one can have to dream about meeting God even if it is in a dream, and therefore I was shocked later on when I woke up in the morning; so I thought, maybe I am going to die soon? Perhaps that's the reason why I had this dream about meeting God.
Dear readers, dreaming God has affected me, but, in order for this dream and the thought of me dyeing to make sense, I have to tell you a bit more about my health; you see, I had been sick for a long time with arthritis, and I had taken so many pain killers and anti inflammatory drugs,
and I had also had two cortisone injections in my shoulder in order to release my frozen shoulder. All those drugs that I took during that time, I believe that they had weakened me and also my heart muscle. Now here I am speaking only from my own personal experience of course, but I know for a fact that the anti inflammatory drugs are believed to cause stomach ulcer and other side effect, but I also believe that the heart muscle becomes weaker from the prolonged use
of such drugs, because those drugs work by making the blood thinner, and when the blood is thinner the heart works less, and when the heart work less that it should for a very long time it becomes weaker. So, you see, I was sick with arthritis, and I was making myself sicker by taking those drugs for several years.
I believe that at the time when this happened the doctors did not know yet, or they were not sure what the side effects were if you took those drugs for a long time, so they did not warn you of those dangers. Now let me go back to my illness, there were times when suddenly I would feel weaker and I thought that it was my illness, but now I believe that it was my medicine because it was making my blood thinner, and by doing so it was making my heart weaker, or perhaps my heart was weakening from some other reasons, which I did not know.
During my long illness, I believe that I have also suffered a mild sort of thrombosis; I would like to describe what happened to me and how I felt, when this happened and also how I felt afterward.
One evening when I went to bed I felt rather tired, and because of my arthritis I usually tried to sleep face up and straight, and only with a small pillow under my head, so that my back would lay straight.
During one of those nights while I was sleeping in such a position, I felt as if something was laying over me, and it was trying to suffocate me (some people would describe this feeling, as if there was an evil spirit sitting on their tummy and it wanted to suffocate them). Then when I woke up in the morning and tried to get up I could not get up as usual, finally I managed to get up but it was too hard to get up, and I felt terrible. I felt like a zombie, I felt as if the lower part of my brain was asleep and couldn't function properly, and this feeling of being like a zombie was with me for several months, then it slowly started lifting away.
During the time that I felt like a zombie, in the morning it was very hard for me to move normally or do anything in a rush, I felt so bad and lifeless, and for a few months I used to walk around the house or in the backyard, just to get my circulation going in order to feel normal.
When I was sitting I would feel as if the chair that I was sitting on was moving from under me, bur really it was not, because it was my head that was shaking instead; at that time I also felt much weaker, although my muscles were still there, but where was my strength? Anything that I did seemed to be much harder than before, I was short of breath even by just walking, I was really in a bad way, and I did not know what to do to make myself better.
When I went to see the family doctor, he said that he could do no much for me. He said that I had been very sick, and that I was aging much sooner than I should have aged, and for aging there is not much that one can do; so I was stuck with it.
Therefore, when I dreamed about God in the dream which I have written in the post, The most important dream of my life, the thought that I was going to die soon was possible. But as the time went by after dreaming about God, I started to realise that the dream could not mean
that I was going to die; but it could very well mean that God had saved my life. Because of this dream I believe that God by coming into my dream and doing what He did sowed in me the seed of hope, and also the will to fight back, I did not know how to fight back to regain my health then, and I thought that all I had to do was to wait and see.
Later on, I will try to write and explain myself more clearly about what I think this dreaming God has meant for me, but if you want to know more, part of this explanation can be found in one of my hubs; Prayers for Reconciliation, 5 I hope that this link works.
Dear readers, because of this dream, the most important dream of my life and its affects I have also written something about dreams, so next post will be about, Dreamland and the mystery of life. See you soon.
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