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Serious situation

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Serious situation
Somebody is playing the game, who is to blame?
Look at what has been happening here in Australia in the last few years and what is happening right now. One cannot help to think that a couple of years ago we were so worried that there was not enough water in the dams of south east Australia that we started to cut down our water consumption, today it is completely the opposite there are floods everywhere and we don’t know how we can avoid all the damages caused by these floods. Here I need to add that this is not happening only in Australia, but in the entire world there are problems caused by these changes caused from global warming and other factors, so mankind needs seriously look for solutions. But here these days somebody is playing the game, who is to blame?
We have to hope that in our community at large there are enough clever people that will be able one day to minimize these problems that we are facing today. So I believe that we the people should really try to understand these issues and at the same time try to let these clever people do their job, even if sometimes what they have done may not look perfect.
Therefore, in my opinion we should try to understand first fully what is happening, and then we should also give some thoughts about what we are saying or doing, before we try to blame somebody for what has happened. Anyhow, first of all let us see what is happening today in Australia, and after that we may try to explain who is; playing the game, who is to blame? 
Reported in the news:
SEQWater senior flood engineers John Tibaldi and Terry Malone, who both testified at the reconvened floods inquiry last week, have stepped aside from their roles at the government authority.
Mr Tibaldi, the lead author of a report branded a fiction at the inquiry, did so on Friday after finishing his testimony.
Mr Malone, who testified on Sunday that no contemporary records on water releases were kept during last year's flood - in breach of dam manual requirements - followed suit on Monday.
End of report.
Concerned citizen
As a concerned citizen I have reasons to believe that somebody is playing the game, who is to blame? But playing the game in these circumstances is not a good thing to do, because it can only cause more harm than good.
What sort of game is that, you may ask? Look it seems to me that somebody wants to find faults with the engineers that were in charge of Wivenhoe Dam when they had to release the water from the dam to save the dam, because there was far too much water in the dam and there was more water coming in at an alarming rate; what else could they do to save the dam from collapsing under the weight of the water, I believe that, that was the only option left to them release the water as they did. I know that by releasing the water some of Ipswich and Brisbane were flooded, but so what, if the dam collapsed part of Ipswich and Brisbane could end up in the Pacific Ocean, and therefore the engineers at the Wivenhoe Dam have saved us from a major disaster.
I believe that what is happening now is that the politician want to blame the engineers for the flood in Brisbane, which is something that they did not cause, they want to do that to impress the people just because election time is coming, what else can it be? Anyhow today the rest of my comments below are going to be brief on this subject, and I am writing them just to give the readers an idea of what articles I am going to add to this hub in the future, so:
To start with, as a concerned citizen I would like to ask those who are trying to blame the engineers in charge at Wivenhoe Dam this questions; if they were in charge of the dam at that time when all this has happened, what would they have done different from what the engineers did? To this question there must be a clear answer and no doubts or two ways about it, because today they have the advantage of knowing already what has already happened then, therefore it should be a clear cut answer and nothing else can be accepted. I hope you see what I mean?    
If they don’t know how things had to be done then, even with the advantage of already knowing what was going to happen; then really these people are really worthless to know and listen to them and perhaps they are to blame themselves, but instead of accepting their mistakes they try to blame somebody else, and so, they are playing the game, who is to blame?
What the politician and anybody else that can be involved in this need to beware that what they are doing here may cause even harm in the future and I am going to write hereunder what harmful affect can come from these actions, of playing the game, who is to blame?
Therefore let the politician see that they are at the very top of the chain of command, and so, they should try to work together with the engineers willing and openly, and since the politician are better at communication skills, they have to try harder to talk to each other in a friendly way, so my point of view here is that the politician are not doing enough for the benefit of the community they represent.   
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                        Playing the game, who is to blame

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Serious situation
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