Thursday, May 6, 2010

We need to be healthy, wealthy and wise


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We need to be healthy, wealthy and wise

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Hi everybody!
This is Frank@yahoo, I have been invited to help and write a post by my fried FM. As you can see our intention is to collect useful information that we may be able to use later on.
Now, the first thing that comes to my mind is the fact that, if we want to do well in life, we need to be healthy, wealthy and wise.
Having said that it does not mean that I have said everything useful already, it is only the beginning of our useful discussions, because I am sure that you are going to ask the first question, which by its own importance should be: What should we do, if we want to be healthy?
Very well, I am glad you asked just that:
It is very important that during our life we continually learn how to look after ourselves, then apply what we have learned without fail, it is obvious that if we do not do that, we have nobody to blame by ourselves.
There are so many things that one can say on this subject, but today I do not have much time to discuss much, so I am only going to say a few things in a general way:
Look after yourself, do not do stiupid dangerous things, as you may get hurt or even get killed;
Do not drink too much and get drunk, it is stupid and unhealthy if you think about it?
Eat healthy foods and drink in moderation, remember that moderation is the key to stay healthy, also exercise everyday if possible according to your strength, and not according to what enybody says. Make sure that you remember those things that have been good for you and those that have not, so that you know what to do in the future.
This is all for today, and remember that it is very important to be healthy, wealthy and wise.
This is frank@yahoo signing out.

Useful Information
We need to be healthy, wealthy and wise
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